In order to improve product quality, LED tubes replace yellow tubes that do not contain ultraviolet light

by:A-TECH      2021-03-29
In the process of PCB processing, the formation of each layer of graphics and the final solder mask is inseparable from photosensitive materials. These photosensitive materials include dry film, solder mask ink, etc. The pattern formation process is divided into three steps, and the entire board is covered with photosensitive materials. Exposure and development. The exposure is carried out by ultraviolet light. In order to ensure that the PCB production board covered with photosensitive materials before exposure does not produce undesirable exposure, in the production process, yellow light tubes that do not contain ultraviolet components are often used. While ensuring product quality, the yellow light tube also brings some negative effects. Employees working under yellow light conditions for a long time are prone to fatigue, leading to plate offset and low production efficiency. In order to improve product quality and employee production efficiency , To test the effect of LED tubes on PCB photosensitive materials, try to replace yellow tubes with LED tubes that do not contain ultraviolet light. Among them, ultraviolet light is the general term for radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths from 10 nm to 400 nm, which cannot cause people’s vision. Photographic negatives containing silver bromide are sensitive. Ultraviolet rays can also polymerize photosensitive materials to produce PCB patterns.
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