Electronic assembly processing of BGA welding difficulty than other

by:A-TECH      2020-05-27
In the case of a BGA core, this time all of the solder joints are covered by the chip directly, thus can't see, and at the same time is a multilayer, at this point in the electronics assembly process design can have better between single chip power separating, reoccupy magnetic beads or resistor connected, so, when a short circuit, disconnect magnetic beads directly, can detect location to the location of the chip. BGA welding difficulty is greater than the other, so, if not machine automatic welding machine, a carelessly easily with the adjacent power before the end of two solder ball short circuit. 1. With the fine pitch components pin, 0. 3 mm pin spacing of micro assembly technology has tend to mature, and is to improve the quality of assembly and a passing direction assembly; 2. As the device at the bottom of the array, the popularity of ball pin form, with the corresponding assembly process and test, repair technology has been maturing, continues to improve at the same time; 3. In order to adapt to the development of green assembly and lead-free welding new assembly materials after put into use, such as assembly process requirements, related technology research is under way; 4. In order to adapt to many varieties, small batch production and product assembly requirements of quick update, rapid restructuring technology assembly process, assembly process optimization technology, assembly design and manufacturing integration technology are put forward and ongoing studies; 5. In order to adapt to high density assembly, 3 d assembly assembly process technology, is the main content to research on a period of time; 6. Want to install strict bearing, precision demands special assembly such as the surface of the assembly process technology, and for a period of time need to study the content, such as the surface of the mechanical and electrical system assembly, etc. In the electronics assembly and processing of the single side, double side PCB, circuit board processing this level includes the through hole and bonding pad and graphics drawing of lines and use this level, because the single side PCB only welding plate and the bottom hole, double side, multi-layer printed circuit board in each layer has a bonding pad and holes, so called composite layer, single-sided PCB is a composite layer, double-sided PCB, there are two of the same compound layer, and multilayer PCB because via connecting the various levels of thin copper wire, so the compound layer is not the same in multilayer printed circuit board.
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