Analyzing the main factors which lead to SMC resistor jumper

by:A-TECH      2020-05-19
Electronic assembly processing insertion and welding method of integrated circuits and insert and the discrete element method is usually the same, but the integrated circuit of the pin number is opposite bigger, so when inserting or welding integrated circuit need to be careful. Usually, inserted in different ways different printed circuit board integrated circuit. In order to make better heat dissipation of integrated circuits, installed in the bottom of the integrated circuit has integrated circuit socket, and integrated circuit composed of integrated circuit socket fixed. Why no clean technology are used in SMT? 1. Product production process emissions of waste water after cleaning, land animals and plants even cause pollution. 2. In addition to the clean water, use chlorine hydrogen fluoride organic solvents ( CFC and as) Clean but also bring about air pollution and destruction, and the atmosphere. 3. Detergent residues in machine board will lead to corrosion, seriously affecting the quality of the product. 4. Reduce the cost of cleaning process operation and machine maintenance. 5. No clean to reduce PCBA damage in the process of moving and cleaning. Some components are still not clean. 6. Flux residues is under control, it can be used according to the requirements of the product appearance, in order to avoid visual check clean state. 7. Residual flux has been continually improve its performance, in order to avoid product leak and cause any damage. 8. No clean technology has passed many international safety test, prove flux of chemical stability and no corrosive. Electronic assembly processing analysis leads to the main factors of SMC resistor jump line: 1. Components into the paper into the paper. 2. The height of the loading head is not correct. 3. Component with loading the size of the hole is too big, and the component due to vibration and reverse it. 4. In the basketwork, bulk material in the opposite direction.
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