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A-TECH control thick copper pcb durable top supplier

A-TECH control thick copper pcb durable top supplier

A-TECH control thick copper pcb durable top supplier

Max size of VIP
Design of VIP
In BGA or SMD Pads
Fabrication of VIP
Resin plugged and overplate to cap
Min Order Quantity
Production Lead Time
7-18 Working Days
Supply Capacity
5000 ㎡/Month
UL, ISO9001, TS16949
Payment Terms
T/T, Paypal, WU etc.
Shipment Terms
EXW, FOB, DDU etc.
Test Way
100% E-Test
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Company Advantages
1. A-TECH micro vias pcb has gone through the required performance analysis. It has been checked for abrasion resistance, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic feature, and physical properties.
2. The product suits those with severe allergies and reactions to mold, dust, and allergens because any stains and bacterias can be easily wiped and cleaned. It is offered with low dielectric loss
3. Its high-efficiency heat sinks can absorb the heat produced by the product and effectively dissipate it into the surrounding environment, which keeps the product from overheating and burning out. Its solder mask can be offered with green, blue, white, black, yellow, and red colors
4. The product emits light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light. Thanks to the up-to-date vacuum DES line, it is manufactured with fine traces and high density

Via In Pad (VIP) technology refers to the vias in SMD pad or BGA pad due to small space for layout, in order to avoid the solder paste flow into inner layer or the other side in assembly production, basically this type of via need to be plugged with resin and plate copper over to cap the via to make it invisible.

Via in pad technology is widely used in high density PCBs, especially for the PCBs that require a limited BGA space and are focused on heat transfer and high speed design. Although blind holes and buried holes help increasing density and save space on the circuit boards, through holes are still the best choice for thermal management and high speed design elements.

The advantages of Via In Pad technology

● Suitable for fine pitch BGAs
● Improved thermal dissipation
● Provides a flat, coplanar surface for component attachment
● Leading to higher density of PCBs and promoting space saving
● Overcomes high speed design issues and constraints.
● Meets closely packed placement requirements.

The Via In Pad technology is defined in IPC standard with IPC-4761 VII

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A-TECH manufactured lots of multilayer PCBs with Via In Pad designs Both in BGA Pads or in other SMD Pads, we’re able to plugged vias fully and then plated copper over to make the surface of pad as flat as other pads without dimples.

Company Features
1. A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. is a professional thick copper pcb manufacturer.
2. We are not the only one company to produce via in pad pcb , but we are the best one in term of quality.
3. A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. provides advanced hybrid pcb solutions that turn the vision of their customer into reality.Get price!
A-TECH thick copper pcb is of revolutionary design. It is an outcome of the expertise on the part of the building designer, the manufacturer, the fabricator, and the installer. This product will not degrade in the case of strong UV light
The materials used in the manufacture of A-TECH thick copper pcb are generally corrugated fiberboard, acrylic, UltraBoard, PVC, wood, etc. whose quality and property must be observed in the inspection room. This product can be a good choice in industrial environments that experience high temperatures or very low pH
The quality of A-TECH hybrid pcb is ensured. It is made by a quality conscious manufacturer who invests good money in conducting different tests, such as vibration test, bursting test, and compression test. This product can be a good choice in industrial environments that experience high temperatures or very low pH
The measurement of A-TECH hybrid pcb is of high accuracy. It is completed by using the digital templating method to produce a computer file. This product is notable for its magnetic property
A-TECH hybrid pcb is designed to complying the energy saving philosophy. It is created to maximize the use of solar light so as to reduce the use of non-renewable resources. It features a protective coating that helps prevent rust
The product is durable and can be used for a long time. This product can last for a long time due to its fatigue resistance
To ensure the quality of this product, A-TECH has guaranteed each phrase in a good condition. This product is an excellent choice for commercial uses as it has a naturally shiny look
The product is guaranteed to be of good quality as the strict quality control process has effectively eliminated the defects. It can restain its original luster over time
Through a rigorous quality control system, the stability of this product is ensured. This product is known for its low-temperature resistance
The product has a long service life and a long-lasting performance. Thanks to its high corrosion resistance, it is suitable for use in plumbing applications
Every aspect of the product is excellent, including performance, durability, and practicality. Thanks to its high corrosion resistance, it is suitable for use in plumbing applications
The product is highly recognized by customers in the market. Its anti-corrosion property allows it to be used with harsh or acidic chemicals, freshwater, and saltwater
we believe in best quality with competitive, reasonable and affordable prices. This product features the desired hardness and tension
The product is highly preferred among customers for its competitive advantages. This product features precise shapes and dimensional tolerances
The product is highly preferred by our customers for featuring various attributes. This product features precise shapes and dimensional tolerances
With the strong support of our factory, the product shows competitive advantages in the market. This product is free of burrs and cracks
This product is effectively applied in the industry with its compatible functions. The product is not susceptible to rot, termites, or mold
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