Who to pay the freight of hybrid circuit manufacturers sample?
Generally, the sample of hybrid circuit manufacturers is provided by A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. without the exemption from freight fee. Taking the distance between export destinations and the port and other overhead expenses into account, the cost of delivering the sample may be higher than the unit price of the sample itself. From delivering the sample out of the factory to customers' hands, the whole manufacturing process can be completed requiring the combined efforts of a great number of people including warehousemen, shippers, and after-sales service staff. The cost of manpower is necessary.

As a professional manufacturer of PCB manufacturing China, A-TECH covers a wide range of businesses, such as designing and developing products to meet the developing needs of customers. A-TECH's osp pcb series contains multiple sub-products. Over the years, complex designs that might not be attempted by other firms, A-TECH has been created and verified using PCB manufacturing China. Its robust structure allows it to be used in harsh environments. You are well aware that this type of osp pcb is enig pcb finish. It has high tensile strength and can be deformed without breakage.

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