When we proofing we should pay attention to what?

by:A-TECH      2020-05-23
Designed circuit boards need to be made by circuit board processing factories, and then pull back again after the various components of welding, after assemble them to the exterior of the product of form a complete electronic products. So the circuit board proofing is an important part in the process of electronic products. So in order to get good quality PCB proofing need to pay attention to what issues? PCB skills now mainly changes according to the features and requirements of electronic products, electronic products increasingly in recent years the multi-function, delicate, and agree with environmental protection laws. Therefore, PCB fine to live high, its hard and soft board combined with the application will also be added. PCB is the warp and woof of information industry, from the computer, such as portable electronic devices, circuit board processing of almost all electrical and electronic products have the existence of the circuit board. With the development of the communication skills, the skills to use handheld wireless radio frequency circuit is more and more widely, the equipment ( Such as mobile phone, wireless PDA, etc. ) The one big characteristic is: the top, it contains all portable subsystem; Second, miniaturization, and miniaturization means the density of components is very big, this makes the components ( Contains the SMD, SMC, bare chip, etc. ) Each other is very outstanding. Therefore, to plan a perfect rf circuit and audio circuit PCB, in order to avoid and hallooing electromagnetic disturb then progress electromagnetic compatibility has become a very important subject. 吗? 吗? Use category, industry to carry out the circuit board processing products are widely used in communication, aviation, cars, military, electric power, medical, industrial, mechanical and electrical, computer, and other categories. At present, our country has become a great nation of electronics manufacturing, PCB production around the world to transport in our country, not only domestic PCB manufacturing enterprises to speed up the expansion capacity, speed up foreign enterprise also to handling, new capacity in China, the domestic PCB professional investment has been hot.
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