When making circuits, circuit boards are essential

by:A-TECH      2020-05-03
1. Use protel to draw pcb File 2 to print the file on transparent sulfuric acid paper or film. The Paper on the right is yes, because it is a demonstration now, so there is no sulfuric acid paper. That paper is a bit expensive. ha ha. 3 Place the printed sulfuric acid paper on the photosensitive plate, then place it under a 30W energy-saving lamp for 15 minutes. Note that the lamp should be 5cm away from the photosensitive plate. I put it on a box just 5cm ( I bought the gold electron brand on the Internet for the photosensitive plate, and the exposure will have a chemical reaction. As for the principle of the photosensitive plate, I will not say that I will search it in Google) 4 after the light is sensitive, the photosensitive plate is immediately put into the developer for one minute. The part without the light is washed off by the developer, and the line comes out. Then it is washed in the clear water ,( 20g photosensitive powder with 1L water, if it is not properly matched, it may fail, and the time should be controlled, otherwise it is easy to fail) After development, it will corrode and corrode the lines without photosensitive parts. I used fecl3 before and found that it was too dirty. Later, I replaced it with colorless environment-friendly corrosive solution. after corrosion, the pcb needs to be punched with an electric drill. At this step, it is basically completed. In fact, the complete pcb board also has an upper solder mask layer and an upper silk screen layer, but that does not have much effect, it looks good at most. weld the components. What I have written is not very detailed, because it is written temporarily. I will try my best to supplement it in the future. You will encounter many problems in actual operation. Be patient. I believe this will be very useful to everyone.
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