When designing the plug-in hole, be sure to pay attention to the tolerance of the plug-in hole

by:A-TECH      2021-03-18
Recently received a complaint about the plug-in hole: the content of the complaint is: The designed plug-in hole is 0.6 and the component pin is also 0.6. It is said that there is a problem with the processed circuit board and it cannot be inserted! This kind of complaint is that when the circuit board is designed, the processing tolerance is not considered. For example, the processing tolerance of the plug-in hole (pad) is plus or minus 0.08, which means that when you design the hole size, your plug-in hole (pad) ) At least the pins of the actual components should be greater than 0.08, preferably greater than about 0.1 so that you can ensure that your components can be inserted into the plug-in holes on your circuit board! By the way, when designing plug-in holes, you can only use pads and not vias, because vias are used as conductive holes. Generally, you don't need to increase the processing when doing engineering processing!
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