What exhibitions do prototype printed circuit board manufacturers manufacturers attend?
Trade shows attended by manufacturers are usually targeted at the industry and those involved in or interested in the industry. A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. usually conducts product and market tests at exhibitions to obtain industry or general opinions about our products, so as to make printed circuit board manufacturers better. Participating in trade shows can be a great way to advertise your target market and build brand awareness.

A-TECH is a manufacturing company based in China. We have been providing quality enig pcb finish throughout our region and beyond. A-TECH's blind vias pcb series contains multiple sub-products. Without single layer pcb design, single-sided PCB can't be such a hot item. A smooth part is added on its PTH line to reduce the roughness of through hole. osp pcb has virtues of enig pcb finish as well as enig pcb finish. The product is certified under UL(E357001) and RoHS.

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