What are the ways to increase the flexibility of PCB circuit boards?

by:A-TECH      2021-03-11
Flexible materials are often used in the manufacturing process of PCB circuit boards, in order to hope that the printed circuit board can meet all the applications that require bending, bending and some special circuits. However, the flexible material itself cannot guarantee the reliability of the circuit function when it is completely bent or bent, especially in dynamic applications. Many methods can increase the flexibility of printed circuit boards to ensure the reliability of circuit board molding or repeated bending. So, what are the ways to increase the flexibility of PCB circuit boards? 1. In order to improve dynamic flexibility, electroplated boards should be selected for circuits with more than two layers. 2. Keep the number of bends to a minimum. 3. The wires should be staggered, and the wire paths should be orthogonal to facilitate bending. 4. Do not place pads or through holes in the bending area. 5. Do not place ceramic devices near any bending area to avoid discontinuous coating, discontinuous electroplating or other stress concentrations. It should be ensured that there is no distortion in the completed assembly to avoid undesirable stress on the outer edge of the circuit. 6. Factory forming processing should be the first choice. 7. In the bending area, the thickness and width of the conductor should remain unchanged. 8. Make a long and narrow cut in the flexible printed circuit, allowing different wooden brackets to bend in different directions. The incision is easy to cause tearing and the extension of the crack, which can be prevented by making a drill hole at the end of the incision, and use a rigid board or a thick flexible material or polytetrafluoroethylene to reinforce these areas. Another method is to make the incision as wide as possible and make a complete semicircle at the end of the incision. The above is a detailed explanation of how to increase the flexibility of the PCB circuit board by a professional PCB engineer.
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