What are the surface treatment methods for PCB boards? -

by:A-TECH      2021-04-06
What are the surface treatment methods for PCB boards? Release time: 2017-12-13 0 The surface treatment of circuit boards is divided into: anti-oxidation, tin spray, lead-free tin spray, immersion gold, immersion tin, immersion silver, hard gold plating, full board gold plating, gold fingers, nickel palladium Gold OSP: Low cost, good weldability, harsh storage conditions, short time, environmentally friendly technology, good welding and smooth. Spray tin: The spray tin plate is generally a multi-layer (4-46 layer) high-precision PCB model. It has been used by many large domestic communication, computer, medical equipment and aerospace enterprises and research units. ) Is the connecting part between the memory bar and the memory slot, all signals are transmitted through golden fingers. Gold finger: It is composed of many golden yellow conductive contacts. Because the surface is gold-plated and the conductive contacts are arranged like fingers, it is called 'golden finger'. The gold finger is actually coated with a layer of gold on the copper clad board through a special process, because gold has strong oxidation resistance and strong conductivity. However, due to the high price of gold, most of the memory is now replaced by tin plating. Since the 1990s, tin materials have become popular. At present, the 'golden fingers' of motherboards, memory and graphics cards are almost all used. Tin material, only part of the high-performance server/workstation accessory contact points will continue to be gold-plated, which is naturally expensive.
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