What are the requirements reflect the domestic circuit board processing performance

by:A-TECH      2020-05-20
Circuit board plays an important role in the electronic products, it is the core part of the electronics, circuit board from monolayer growth to double panel, a multilayer and flexible plate, don't stop to high precision, high density and high reliability to growth, reduced volume, eliminate capital and progress performance, making printed circuit board in the growth process of electronic products in the future, still linked growing vitality, it also makes the circuit board processing factories also to the requirement of the performance will be improved. Most people will recognize them when see printed circuit board, which is covered with lines and copper parts of small green chips, you can find them in the center of the demolition of electronic equipment, the circuit board made of glass fiber, copper wire and other metal parts made of these circuit boards together with epoxy resin, and insulation resistance welding layer, the membrane resistance welding is characteristic of the green from the place. 1, high reliability, through a series of raid, test and aging test, etc. Can be guaranteeing constant ( Use period, usually for 20 years) And things in a reliable way. 2, can be assembled: PCB product convenient for standardization of various components for assembly, and can be automated, large-scale mass production. At the same time, the circuit board and various components assembly parts can be assembled to form larger parts, system, until the whole machine. 3, maintainability: circuit board products and a variety of components assemblies in standardized design and mass production, so these parts is standardized, if the system fails, can change fast, convenient and flexible manner, quickly return to normal work. 4, producibility: acceptance of contemporary is dealt with, can be a scale, the scope ( Quantitative and initiative in production, guaranteeing the product quantity to the same sex. 5, can be high density: for decades, high density PCB can probably with integrated circuit integration progress and placement skills progress and growth.
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