What are the quality requirements of circuit board manufacturers for PCB circuit boards?

by:A-TECH      2021-03-20
The manufacturing process of PCB circuit boards is very complicated and has strict requirements in terms of quality. Every circuit board manufacturer pays special attention to quality issues. So, what quality requirements does the circuit board manufacturer have for PCB circuit boards? 1. Appearance requirements: (1) There is no pollution, inclusions, fingerprints and oxidation on the surface, so as not to affect the solderability and insulation. (2) The color of the solder mask is consistent, and there is no peeling, omission, offset, or oil leakage to prevent the welding from being affected. (3) The edge of the board is smooth and clean, without bumps or burrs, so as not to affect the assembly size and insulation. (4) The wire is uniform, without over-corrosion, chipping, or residual copper, so as not to affect the electrical performance. (5) The marking symbols are clear and unambiguous to read, so as not to affect assembly and maintenance. (6) There are no scratches on the surface to avoid affecting the welding assembly and electrical performance. (7) There is no blistering or delamination between conductors or insulating layers to avoid affecting mechanical and electrical properties. 2. Electrical performance requirements: It is very important to have a proper electrical clearance between the wires of the multilayer circuit board, which can prevent flashover and breakdown between the conductors in the PCB processing, and can successfully pass the product safety standard review. 3. Mechanical performance requirements: (1) Before cutting, the copper clad laminate must be baked to ensure that the water vapor in the board is volatilized and the resin is cured completely; (2) When cutting, strictly follow the latitude and longitude directions of the opening instructions; ( 3) When laminating and typesetting, according to the longitude and weft direction of the PCB processing board, first distinguish the longitude and weft directions, and then typeset to ensure that the longitude and weft directions are consistent; it is not allowed to adjust the cold pressing time privately and record it to ensure that the stress in the board is completely released. Fully cured; (4) When the characters of the circuit board are baked at high temperature, the shelf needs to be adjusted according to the size of the board, and the board is not allowed to be bent or twisted when inserting the shelf. 4. Environmental resistance and other performance requirements: The environmental resistance of the circuit board includes mold resistance, humidity resistance, retort resistance, and temperature shock resistance. A complete quality control system is required by every PCB factory. The above are some of the quality requirements of circuit board manufacturers for PCB circuit boards, I hope it will help you.
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