Shallow layer of PCB, the classification

by:A-TECH      2020-05-12
Circuit board according to the layer to points, divided into the single panel, double panel and multilayer circuit board of three big categories. First single panel, on the most basic of PCB, parts on one side, the conductor is focused on the other side. Because wires only appear on one side, so I said this kind of PCB is called single sided PCB. Single panel is usually simple, low cost, but the downside cannot be applied to complex products. Is an extension of the single panel, double panel when single wiring cannot satisfy the need of electronic products, is about to use double panel. Both sides have copper clad wire, and can through the hole to turn-on, the line between the two layers of the network connection required. Sandwich plate is a three layer above the conductive graphics and insulation materials to be apart in laminated, and meantime conductive graphics interconnect PCB as required. Multilayer circuit board is electronic information technology to high speed, multi-functional, large capacity, small volume, thin, lightweight, a product of the direction. Circuit board according to feature points are divided into soft board ( FPC) , hard board, PCB) Plate (, soft hard couple, FPCB) 。 PCB base copper-clad laminate strengthen secondary data has two kinds: one kind is glass fiber cloth, the other is a base paper. Currently in use more PCB printed circuit board industry is epoxy glass fiber cloth plate. Paper board and glass fiber cloth plate, its mechanical processing function are compared. Of structure can be seen from them, they are brittle and clear stratification, high hardness, of tool wear in machining, sheet contains not completely cured resin, circuit board processing in the process of mechanical friction heat can make the not completely cured resin viscosity, add frictional resistance, broken tool, simultaneous greasy dirt, affect the processing quality. Carbide cutting tools in order to progress the processing quality, requirement, feed machining can ensure the quality of machining.
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