Secondary innovation or PCB modification can realize the rapid update and upgrade of various types of electronic products in a short period of time

by:A-TECH      2021-03-29
When the development of China's 'World Factory' is in full swing, automation equipment and industrial robots are also emerging. Among them, the labeling machine, as an indispensable part of modern packaging machinery, also imitated foreign products and technology from the beginning, carried out semi-automatic design, later fully automated design, and now humanized automation. These three processes just reflect the cyclical and gradual role played by contemporary PCB copy board technology. PCB copy board is also often referred to as circuit board copy board, PCB clone, PCB design, etc. It is based on the premise that there are already physical electronic products, using various reverse research methods to reverse product PCB files, BOM lists, and SCH principles. A full set of technical data such as drawings, and then use these data to conduct a complete analysis and application research on product technical principles, and realize the process of copying and cloning of electronic products through PCB proofing, circuit board welding, assembly, debugging and other processes. Of course, in this process, we are not just copying foreign technology or products blindly, but integrating foreign advanced technology and domestic traditional craftsmanship to develop a labeling machine suitable for the production model of our country's characteristic factory. This is also often referred to as secondary development, secondary innovation or PCB modification. It is to digest and absorb after PCB copying, carry out re-innovation and improvement research, and realize the rapid update and upgrade of various types of electronic products in a short period of time. On this basis, we can add new functions to the product or re-design the PCB of the functional characteristics, so that products with new functions will be unveiled at the fastest speed and with a new attitude, not only owning their own intellectual property rights, but also winning the market First move. In view of the continuous development of current labeling machines in the direction of automation and humanization, the development of labeling machine manufacturers will always encounter such and other problems. The demand and requirements of commodity packaging continue to increase, the price war continues, and foreign labeling machines seize the market, etc. . The flexibility, high quality and low price of PCB copy board are particularly important.
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