my country must learn to use PCB copy board technology to introduce digestion and absorption of front-end technology

by:A-TECH      2021-03-24
At present, my country's wind power equipment companies mainly have three channels for obtaining technology: joint ventures, purchase of technical materials and joint design. However, with the intensification of foreign advanced technology, casting technology and new material monopoly, my country has to increase its research and development, but also learn to use PCB copy board technology to introduce digestion and absorption of front-end technology, so that China's wind turbine technology advances to a higher end. . The so-called PCB copy board is also called printed circuit board, PCB clone or reverse design, but it is not a simple imitation, but a reverse study of the core control component of electronic products, which is the circuit board, and master its PCB files, BOM lists, and principles A full set of technical materials such as drawings are used to replicate production or digest and absorb further development and design. New products will be more excellent and have outstanding functions after technological upgrades. PCB copy board is a very common technical means in the development of localization. It can greatly shorten the project development cycle, reduce production costs, and gain the first opportunity in the market at the fastest speed. Although my country's wind power converters started late and are in the stage of product development or small-scale trial production, as long as there are forward-looking and technical PCB copy board entrepreneurs and the courage to challenge all difficulties and dangers, they can break through various technical bottlenecks. Converter repair and localized replacement open the market for high-quality products.
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