Must-read for entry: Summary of multi-layer PCB wiring rules

by:A-TECH      2021-03-28
With the development of electronic technology, PCB circuit board technology is also advancing, and the requirements for wiring are getting higher and higher. Reasonable wiring can ensure the performance and quality of the circuit board; but for single-layer boards and multi-layer boards, their wiring rules are different. This article mainly summarizes the PCB wiring rules for multi-layer boards, I hope it will be helpful to you! 1. Connect the line above 3 points, try to let the line pass through each point in turn, and the line length as short as possible. 2. The lines between different layers should not be parallel as much as possible, so as not to form actual capacitance. 3. Try not to put wires between the pins, especially between and around the pins of integrated circuits. 4. The wiring should be as straight as possible, or a 45-degree broken line, to avoid electromagnetic radiation. 5. The lines should be as neat as possible, and the grounding polylines should be connected together as much as possible to increase the grounding area. 6. The components should be discharged evenly to facilitate installation, plug-in, and welding operations. 7. The positive and negative poles of the SMD components should be marked at the package and at the end to avoid space conflicts. 8. Put the functional block components together as much as possible. 9. It is best to use a full straight line for the wiring of the high-frequency circuit, and it needs to be turned. It can be turned by a 45-degree broken line or a circular arc. 10. When the wiring space permits, insert a ground wire between the two wires with more serious crosstalk to reduce crosstalk. 11. Under the premise that the wiring space permits, increase the spacing between adjacent signal lines, reduce the parallel length of the signal lines, and try to make the clock line perpendicular to the key signal line. 12. After the wiring is completed, carefully check whether each wire is actually connected. The above is a summary of multi-layer PCB wiring rules. Have you mastered it?
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