Is A-TECH professional in producing pcb assembly process ?
A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the manufacture of pcb assembly for decades. Knowledgeable technicians and engineers are here to professionalize and enhance the production. The after-sale service is professionalized, to be a foundation for earnings and manufacturing.

As a manufacturer with years of experience, A-TECH takes pride in bringing products such as impedance calculator pcb to the markets. A-TECH's osp pcb series contains multiple sub-products. With single layer pcb material, single-sided PCB has a better quality. It is 100% produced in accordance with IPC-6012 & IPC-A-600F standards. People will be delighted that this product will help them get rid of smelly feet because it allows no proliferation of bacteria and fungi. It is offered with low dielectric loss.

We have an environmental-friendly business model that respects man and nature for the long term go. We are working hard on reducing production emission such as waste gas and cut resource waste. Ask online!
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