Introduction of several commonly used PCB production tools

by:A-TECH      2021-03-28
PCB manufacturing software is changing with each passing day, and things in the past are obviously out of date, so I made a brief introduction based on my current understanding to literate everyone. I don’t know what the specific software does. I hope it will be useful to everyone. There were more than 1,000 EDA companies in the early days, and later it has grown to about 10. Among them, Cadence, Mentor, and Zuken are mainly high-end products. Their software is required to run on workstations. The operating systems are all unix, and they are expensive. Because EDA software existed in the 1980s, only UNIX supported graphical interfaces at that time, and the performance of workstations was much higher than that of PCs, so it has continued to this day. Large companies still use workstations. Protel and powerPCB are mainly for low-end users, and they do not have high requirements for computer configuration, and they generally run under windows. A general PC can meet the requirements well. With the continuous improvement of CPU and related computer hardware level, Cadence, Mentor, Zuken began to launch products under windows, and cadense went faster in this regard. It looks like 2000. Due to the burst of the Internet bubble, the EDA industry has undergone a reshuffle, and several companies above have been reorganized! In terms of market share, Mentor is now the highest. Cadence is second. Zuken is third. For a single PCB tool, Allegro has the highest software share among high-end users in China, followed by powerPCB and protel in mainland China. More. Specifically: Mentor's products are boardstation (en) and expeditionpcb (wg) and the acquired pads (powerPCB). en is the legendary pcb invincible master. Those who only consider the construction period without considering the cost, always do the communication and military industry research special skills of 8 to 12 layers of pcb. It seems that all bbs agree that this is the best wiring tool on the planet. Not to mention powerpcb, and many people use it. After Mentor acquired PowerPCB, it continued to walk on two legs. The high-end product is still the original Mentor, and now the latest version of Mentor EN2006; the low-end product is still PowerPCB, the new name is PADS2005, the latest is PADS2007, but PADS2005SP2 is a relatively stable one. version. There is also a small software in Germany that is very popular, it is EAGLE, which is very marketed in Europe and the United States. I have the honor to make several boards. Cadence's products are concept/allegro and the acquired orcad. Allegro has been very popular recently, especially now that high value-added products such as computer motherboards and graphics cards are all in allegro format, although powerpcb was the industry standard three or five years ago. Cadence company acquired ORCAD, and launched orcad’s strong schematic design capture CIS and CADENCE’s original schematic design concept HDL, PCB tool allegro and other signal simulation tools together and collectively called CADENCE PSD, now called SPB, the latest version 16.0 , ORCAD has also been integrated into SPB. There is no ORCAD concept since 15.5. The former ORCAD CAPTURE CIS is now called DESIGN ENTRY CIS. Zuken is another big EDA crocodile from Japan. The high-end product cr5000, and the low-end one is called CADSTAR. In addition to Japanese companies and companies that do business with Japan, there are also many companies that use Zuken software, some domestic research institutes and some old ones. TV companies are using it, LG is also using ZUKEN tools, and NOKIA is also using them. Mentor: 1.Powerlogic+Powerpcb 2.viewdraw + Expedition 3. Boardstation The main schematic diagram of MENTOR is DxDesigner (an upgraded version of viewdraw), which is used by PADS and Expedition. The schematic tools of Boardstation are Design Archive and Board Archive. Cadence: Schematic tools mainly include Capture and Concept, and PCB tools include Allegro Layout Plus. Zuken: 1. Cadstar 2. CR3000, CR5000. CR3000 has been upgraded to CR5000. CR5000 has two PCB tools, PWS and BD. As of 2007, the version of CR5000 is BD10.0, PWS18.0, CADSTAR9.0. Tools used: Intel Concept+Allegro+ SpecctraQuest Dell viewdraw+ Allegro + SQ schematic diagram also has a part of Capture Huawei viewdraw+ Allegro + SpecctraQuest+Expedation ZTE Concept+Allegro+ SpecctraQuest+Expedation UT Concept+Allegro+ SpecctraQuest The mobile phone uses POWERPCB Csico Concept+Allegro+ SpecctraQuest+ SpecctraQuest Hp Concept+Allegro+ SpecctraQuest transfer from Boardstation to Alllegro process Moto Concept+Allegro+ SpecctraQuest transfer from Boardstation to Alllegro process These tools are not suitable for everyone, you choose what you like and use it is useful to you.
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