In order to make better heat dissipation of integrated circuits, have what good method

by:A-TECH      2020-05-29
One side of the circuit board is located in the electronic assembly processing motherboard, parts focused on the side, and wires are focused on the other side. Because the wire appear only in the side, so we called this kind of structure and circuit board unilateral circuit board. Single panel is usually easy to make and cheap. However, the disadvantage is that they cannot be applied to overly complex products. Because of single-sided PCB circuit design has many strict limitations, therefore only early circuit using the card type. Insert and welding method of integrated circuits and insert and the discrete element method is usually the same, but the pin of the IC quantity is relatively large. Insert or welding integrated circuit should be careful. Usually, different methods of integrated circuit board with different insert. In order to make better heat dissipation of integrated circuits, installed in the bottom of the integrated circuit has integrated circuit socket, and integrated circuit composed of integrated circuit socket fixed. The distribution of the SMT plug-in processing method: using the special distribution head, use compressed air to red adhesive is assigned to the substrate. Adhesive dots by time and the number and size of the control parameters such as pressure pipe diameter. Distributor flexible function. For different parts, we can use different charging head, adjust to change parameters, or change the shape of the gel point and number in order to achieve the effect. The advantage is convenient, flexible and stable. The downside is that stay prone to bubbles. We can adjust the operating parameters, speed, time, pressure and temperature, by a large degree to reduce these defects. If still need to remove the component, please don't try to sandblasting processing, the center of the component and the process should be as soon as possible. Remove the components, please use the soldering iron cleaning electrode pad. With many SMD pin and larger chip components spacing of components, welding process is the same. Usually good use heat gun off these components. Hand held heat gun to molten solder, and another hand with forceps or other equipment should be removed. Electronic assembly processing knowledge: banning wiring, the system default is purple. This is actually a virtual layer. In most cases, PCB processing technology use it to define the size of the PCB. To say is this framework rather than layer. However, your role is not limited to use this cable is horizontal to define the size of the circuit board. But without this box, will not automatically wiring. Protel according to forbidden area the components in the automatic wiring wiring layer. Connection area of no more than the box. If use prohibited in the area wiring layer draw lines or draw a small box, circle, arc, etc. , will not automatically cabling and wiring layer and graphics drawing the lines cross is prohibited.
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