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hot-sale pcb mask free free delivery for wholesale

hot-sale pcb mask free free delivery for wholesale

hot-sale pcb mask free free delivery for wholesale
  • hot-sale pcb mask free free delivery for wholesale

hot-sale pcb mask free free delivery for wholesale

Its quality is highly evaluated by authoritative testing organizations.
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Compared with products in the same category, Multilayer PCB has the following advantages.
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Company Advantages
1. By observing the color or hue, the values ​​from light to dark and the finish must span the range of color families, A-TECH tin plating pcb creates a universal color sense that is shared across material types.
2. Its quality is highly evaluated by authoritative testing organizations.
3. It is defect-free through continuous quality management processes.
4. A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. has years of experience in manufacturing pcb mask.

Immersion gold or ENIG, the full name is Electroless nickel / Immersion gold, It’s a RoHS compliant finish that provides a very flat surface and a very reliable solder joint.

ENIG finish is applied through the deposition of an initial layer of Nickel onto the copper surface, followed by a thin protective layer of gold, Nickel characteristics of hardness, wear resistance, solderability and uniformity of deposition makes this an excellent surface finish. The thin layer of gold preserves the solderability of the finish by preventing oxidization of the highly active nickel surface.

Basically the gold thickness of ENIG is 1-5U” and the nickel thickness is 120-240U”, the shelf life of immersion gold PCB can reach to 12 months.

The advantages of immersion gold finish

● Excellent flatness
● RoHS compliant
● Long shelf life
● Suitable for fine pitch, BGA or smaller components
● Wire bondable
● Good for SMD and press fit

The disadvantages of immersion gold finish

●Expensive finish
●Black pad concerns on BGA

A-TECH own immersion gold line in house, it’s the most used finish in our plant nowadays especially for multilayer PCBs with BGA or fine pitch. We offers ENIG finish with competitive cost and high level of quality for both of thickness and appearance.

Company Features
1. The A-TECH brand is a leader in the design, manufacturing, sales and service of the industry.
2. Our manufacturing plant has imported state-of-the-art production facilities. These facilities play a significant role in supporting daily production needs, from product developing stage to the assembly stage.
3. The attention of A-TECH brand would be to maintain optimizing our own service. Ask! Customer satisfaction is the A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd.'s business objectives. Ask! A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. will help you better increase your benefits. Ask!
The entire production process of A-TECH tin plating pcb is tightly controlled, from selecting the finest fabrics to processing them into finished clothing. LG hologram stickers are highly suitable for labeling well-regarded brands
The designs of A-TECH pcb mask are developed around some fundamental concepts such as comfort, breathability, safety, and appearance. LG hologram sticker has an anti-counterfeiting function
The labeling of A-TECH pcb mask is ensured to contain all required information including registered identification number (RN), country of origin, and fabric content/care. With a tamper-evident feature, LG hologram stickers well protect your brand or products
The fabric of A-TECH tin plating pcb is carefully chosen by our designers on the basis of fashion trends, quality, performance, and suitability. LG hologram sticker has a smooth and exquisite appearance
The parameters of A-TECH pcb mask are strictly checked prior to cutting including diameter, fabric construction, softness, and shrinkage. LG stickers are well-received in North America, Europe, and other regions
Allergens include dust and pollen are unlikely to adhere to the smooth surface of this kind of high-performance products. LG stickers have passed through EMTEK certification
As for the maintenance of this product, it is not necessary to wash with water. Users only need to wipe with a dry cloth. The custom graphic is embedded and integral to the LG hologram stickers
The product is able to maintain a clean appearance. It has a special coated surface which can effectively prevent adhesion of dust and oil smoke during operation. LG hologram stickers are highly suitable for labeling well-regarded brands
It is not affected by the acid condition. It has passed the copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray (CASS) test which aims to check the coated one for corrosion resistance. The viscosity of LG hologram sticker can be divided into ordinary, stronger and 3M
The product features a proportion design. It provides an appropriate shape that gives good feeling in usage behavior, environment, and desirable shape. LG hologram stickers are highly suitable for labeling well-regarded brands
The fabric of this product is known for strength and durability. It has a super soft weave and a subtle sheen with high-quality fiber. LG stickers are non-toxic and safe to use
A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. has always adhered to reliance on technical progress and products innovation. Finest quality ink is used in the production of LG hologram stickers
A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. has superior manufacturing capacity and product research and development capability. LG hologram sticker helps protect, secure and authenticate different items
Large modern manufacturing base of A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. guarantees that lots of orders can be finished on time with high quality. LG hologram sticker can be used for documents protection, brand identity, advertising, etc
Large factory and enough well-trained workers can add up to completely guarantee on-time delivery for tin plating pcb. LG self-adhesive stickers can be made from foil paper, laser paper, fragile paper, etc
The strength of A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. is to make a steady progress. LG hologram stickers can be imprinted with options of text, logo, serial numbers, etc
Our service for tin plating pcb include product development, design, production and sales. LG sticker is priced competitively
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