Entry notice: What are the correct strategies for printed circuit board wiring?

by:A-TECH      2021-03-28
When designing a printed circuit board, in order to avoid electromagnetic radiation generated when high-frequency signals pass through the printed wires, attention should be paid to adopting the correct method to improve the reliability of the circuit. So, what are the correct strategies for printed circuit board wiring? 1. If the layout permits, it is best to use a grid-shaped wiring structure. The specific method is to wire one side of the printed board horizontally and the other side of the printed board longitudinally, and then use metallized holes at the cross holes to connect. 2. In order to suppress the crosstalk between the conductors of the printed circuit board, try to avoid long-distance equal wiring, extend the distance between the wires as much as possible, and avoid crossing the signal wires with the ground wires and the power wires as much as possible. 3. Minimize the discontinuity of printed wires. For example, the width of the wires should not change suddenly, the corners of the wires should be greater than 90 degrees, and circular routing is prohibited. 4. The wiring should be close to the ground loop, and the driver should be close to the connector. 5. For those leads that leave the printed circuit board, the driver should be close to the connector. 6. The wiring of the data bus should clamp a signal ground wire between every two signal wires. It is best to place the ground loop next to the least important address lead, because the latter often carries high-frequency current. 7. Set a grounded printed line between some signal lines that are very sensitive to interference, which can effectively suppress crosstalk. The above are some correct strategies for printed circuit board wiring that engineers have explained for you in detail. The reliability of printed circuit boards is closely related to specific circuits. In the design, corresponding processing needs to be carried out according to the specific circuits to ensure the maximum printed circuit board. Control the reliability of the circuit board.
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