Electronic assembly processing, to understand different plate features integration of product design

by:A-TECH      2020-05-18
PCB industry are separated in the middle and lower reaches, the upstream industry including glass fiber, ink, copper plate and other raw materials suppliers, middle industry including PCB production equipment suppliers, the downstream industry covers many application fields. Industry chain can be divided into raw materials - Copper clad - Printed circuit board - Electronics applications. According to the purpose of the downstream electronics PCB can be used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, network communications, industrial control, medical, aerospace and other fields. In the field of consumer electronics PCB used in mobile phones, electrical appliances, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), VR equipment and other products; In the field of automotive electronics PCB used in GPS navigation, car audio, car dashboard, automotive sensors and other equipment; PCB using the light in the field of network communication module, filter, communication backplane, communication base station antennas and other equipment; In the field of industrial control medical PCB used in industrial computer, inverter, measuring instrument, medical equipment such as monitor; In the field of aerospace PCB used in aircraft, aviation remote sensing system, aviation radar and other equipment. First, in terms of electronic assembly processing hard board, PCB printed circuit board is the extensive use of plate type, early to make electronic circuit, for the use of wire in the electronic components on the pin circuit connection, if the general layout is simple analogy circuit, may use wire line connection is can handle, but if for more pin IC will make circuit is too complex, and the design of the printed circuit board pattern, namely, in order to solve this kind of design difficulties derived by the development plan. PCB printed circuit board components and parts can be heavy and complicated circuit between copper wire, through the complete line planning using the etching method, copper foil etching in a load board, electronic circuit, to provide electronic components and PCB for installation, interconnecting the main substrate, as well as support, fixed the effectiveness of electronic parts, compared with the early use of conductor structure mode can make electronic circuit have higher stability and longer life, also can reduce the circuit misoperation or short circuit problem, PCB design style has become the indispensable basic components. Electronic assembly processing of printed circuit board is basically made of insulating material tablets, tie-in drilled a metal pin for chip installation layout, and electronic components via the pin into the drilled a again tie-in welding makes the combination of components and PCB board. As for component preset drilled, it can be used as a component positioning, but pre-drilled design patterns, a large number of artificial plug-in must be used in production line manufacturing, causes the manufacturing cost is higher, meanwhile manual plug-in also easy to cause errors, even not easy also to miniature design product.
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