Easily master the production process specifications of gongs

by:A-TECH      2021-03-17
One: General process to create the periphery ------ manage the periphery line ------ layer characteristic conversion-confirm and mark the size-tool and cutting route setting ------Gongs file output 2: Explain in detail to check the outline size and hole knife edge data according to MI requirements, and the internal angle R value requirements, and draw the finished outline. 2. Divide into layers. Generally, it is customary to keep the original outline and original drill belt, the outline of the plate and the production drill belt, and the rout layer to be generated, and delete the data that has nothing to do with making gongs. 3. Set the NC Tool Table, use MI designated positioning hole, select the tool according to the inner groove size, patch spacing and the R value of the inner angle. What you need to pay attention to is to go to the NC Editor interface. 4. Use the Utilities menu under the NC interface to select Gerber to mill to directly generate gongs, and pay attention to the direction of the knife and whether to compensate during the conversion. Use the Copy command under the Edit menu to copy the positioning holes of the production drill belt (that has been set in the tool table according to the MI requirements) to Copy To Layers (the target layer is the rout layer). It should be noted that when adding positioning holes, it is necessary to prevent reverse as much as possible, so as to prevent the milling operator from lifting the reverse plate. 5. Exit the NC interface and go to the CAM interface. Go to the Utilities menu and choose Draw To One-Up Border. Go to the Panlel Editor interface, click Setup at the top of the window, and tick the advanced option. OK. Then click the create button to switch the spreadsheet to AutoCalc (left click the mouse, select yes), select delete inage to delete those borders that are not patched according to your wishes, and only keep the first one, and change all the data in the table If it is O, press OK. Go to the Edit menu and use the Copy command to put together the pieces, and you can output the gongs.  六 Save the data and exit the Panlel Editor interface.
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