Circuit board processing which manufacturer is good?

by:A-TECH      2020-05-22
Circuit board processing and surface treatment: as the copper surface in the general environment, easily oxidized, lead to can't tin ( Solder bad) , circuit board processing factories Chang dong xin will therefore in eat tin copper surface protection. Protection way of tin, gold, silver, tin, and organic bao flux method has its advantages and disadvantages, referred to as surface treatment. Support plate is a kind of thickness thicker ( Such as 0. 093' , 0. 125' ) Circuit boards, dedicated to plug contact other boards. Its approach is to insert the foot connector in pressing hole, but not solder, and on the connector through the board of the needle, each connection in winding way again. Again on the connector can be inserted into the general circuit board separately. Due to the special board, the hole can not solder, but let the hole wall and needle clamping use directly, so the quality and the aperture is particularly strict, the orders are not many, the general circuit board factory don't want to also not easy to pick up this order, in the United States is almost a industry. Hybrid circuit is a kind of small porcelain BoJi plate, printing way of precious metal conductive ink lines, then through high heat of organic matter to burn away the ink, and left in the plate conductor line, and can be sticky on the surface of welding parts. Is a kind of between between the printed circuit board and semiconductor integrated circuit device, belonging to the carrier circuit of thick film technology. Earlier for military or high frequency use, in recent years, because the price is very expensive and military, and not easy to automatic production, coupled with the circuit board under the increasing miniaturization of motors, has made this kind of Hybrid considerably less early growth. Circuit board processing can affect the quality of the product in the process, not just in manual operation factors, and the factors of raw materials, the latter is will produce very big effect on the inner short circuit. Because it is the size of the stability of high and low, determines the inner position precision of high and low, determines the product quality is good or bad, so raw material is also need our attention.
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