Circuit board processing element accuracy and power consumption of cooling way

by:A-TECH      2020-05-15
Circuit board processing element accuracy and power consumption of cooling way release date: 2017 - 12 - 28 the author: rich and small make up click: knowledge about of a multilayer circuit board processing, since its establishment, for the industry users to provide satisfactory products and efficient service, as always. Adhere to science and technology research and development as the core, take the market and customer demand as the guidance, to pay attention to quality management as the foundation, take customer satisfaction as the goal. Sandwich plate in order to increase the area of the wiring, a multilayer wiring board using the more single or double. With a double lining, two one-way for outer layer or two double lining, two blocks of single outer layer of the printed circuit board, through the positioning system and alternate insulation adhesive materials and conductive graphics interconnection according to design requirement of printed circuit board becomes four, six layer printed circuit board, also known as multilayer printed circuit board. Layer number of the board does not mean that there are several independent wiring layer, under special circumstances will join empty layer to control board thickness, layer number usually is even, and contains the outer two layers. Most of the motherboard is 4 to 8 layer structure, but technical theory can be nearly 100 layers of PCB. Large supercomputers are used quite layers of the motherboard, but because this kind of computer can replace with many ordinary computer cluster, super sandwich plate has not been used gradually. Because each layer of PCB are closely combined, the actual number is generally not too easy to see, but if you look closely at the motherboard, can still see it. Circuit board processing and everyone should not unfamiliar, so for a multilayer everyone what to know, because of high functional demand, makes wiring capacity big, the transmission characteristics of a multilayer demands focus. Thermal analysis and thermal analysis can help designers to determine the circuit board processing on the electrical properties of the component, will help designers to determine whether the components or circuit board burn out because of the high temperature. Simple thermal analysis is calculating the average temperature of the circuit board processing, are of complex containing multiple PCB board of the electronic equipment transient model is set up. The accuracy of the thermal analysis of the ultimately depends on the accuracy of the power consumption of circuit board components provided by the designer. Weight and physical size is very important in many applications, if the components of the actual power consumption is small, could lead to the design of safety coefficient is too high, which makes the design of the circuit board processing do not tally with the actual or too conservative element power consumption value as according to thermal analysis. In contrast, At the same time also more serious) Thermal design safety coefficient is low, and the components of the actual runtime temperature than analyst forecasts, this kind of problem often through adding radiator or fan for cooling circuit board processing to solve. These external accessories adds cost, and extend the manufacturing time and join in the design fan will also bring unstable factors to the reliability, so the PCB board mainly adopts active rather than passive cooling way. This web site: http://www. zsfcdz。 com/news/393。 HTML tags: related circuit board processing
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