Circuit board processing and what are the negative effects?

by:A-TECH      2020-05-28
A laser beam is usually provide low-pressure alternatives for printed circuit board processing machinery, such as milling or circuit board cutting automatically. But ultraviolet laser have other laser does not have the benefits, which can limit the thermal stress. This is because most of the ultraviolet laser system under low power condition. Melting by using is sometimes referred to as 'cold' technology, the ultraviolet laser beam produces a narrow heat-affected zone, can be blunt edge processing, and other carbide to minimize the influence of thermal stress, and the use of higher power laser usually exists the negative impact. Ultraviolet laser wavelengths than visible light wavelength is shorter, so are not visible to the naked eye. , though you can't see the laser beam is the short-wave ultraviolet laser can more precisely focus, to produce an extremely fine circuit characteristics at the same time, also can maintain good localization accuracy. In addition to a wavelength, the workpiece temperature is lower, the high-energy photons that exist in the ultraviolet (uv) for uv laser can be applied to large PCB combination, from standard material such as FR4 to high-frequency ceramic composite material and flexible PCB, including polyimide materials of various materials. Three common PCB material under the effect of six different laser absorption. The six include excimer laser in laser ( Wavelength of 248 nm) , infrared laser ( Wavelength of 1064 nm) , and two kinds of CO2 laser ( The wavelength of 9 respectively. 4 microns and 10. 6μm) 。 Ultraviolet laser is a kind of rare in three kinds of material absorption rate consistent with the laser. Ultraviolet laser applied in resin and copper shows the high absorption rate, also has the appropriate absorption rate when processing glass. Only expensive excimer laser ( Wavelength of 248 nm) When processing the main material gets better comprehensive absorption rate. The differences of the material for ultraviolet laser has created a lot of the best choice for all kinds of PCB material application in industrial field, from the most basic production of circuit boards, circuit wiring, to pocket embedded chip and other advanced production process are common. Uv laser systems directly from computer aided design data to the processing circuit board, means in the process of PCB production without any middleman. Plus ultraviolet precise focusing ability, make the characteristic extremely the ultraviolet laser system can implement, and repeated positioning. Ultraviolet laser work quickly when production circuit, a few minutes to surface etching pattern on the circuit board. This makes the uv laser PCB sample the fastest way. R&d department notice, a growing number of samples the lab is equipped with internal uv laser system. Rely on optics instrument calibration, the size of the ultraviolet laser beam can reach 10 - 20 microns, thus producing flexible circuit trace. Figure 2 shows that the application of ultraviolet ray trace in the production of circuit biggest advantage, circuit tracing line is extremely small, need to under a microscope to see. This circuit board size is zero. 75 - inch x0. 5 inches, by a sintering ceramic substrate and tungsten/nickel/copper/surface composition. Laser can produce 2 mils circuit trace spacing of 1 mil, making the entire spacing for only 3 mils.
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