Circuit board processing and maintenance process

by:A-TECH      2020-05-16
Restructuring of generic ready-made substrate to customers provide improvement, customization substrate or replace imported substrate, then the cost depending on the difficult degree easily and base plate number is determined by both sides talks things over, and the buyer 50% of the total price first. Engineering quotation manner according to the requirements of customers free design the circuit, oil, gas path, circuit diagram. According to the size of the volume, the selection of materials, equipment selection, should be within a week the customer quotation. Distribution circuit board processing factory are distribution in the north and the south, the south of multilayer circuit board is more, the north is a single-sided circuit board is more, there are mainly rigid printed circuit board, aluminum board, xiangyu circuit board processing. Maintenance of circuit board processing in use, should be regular maintenance, to ensure that the circuit board processing work in a good condition, and reduce the failure rate of circuit board processing - PCB SMT processing. Maintenance of the circuit board processing in the following several ways: 1, half maintenance: (1) every quarter to clean dust on the circuit board processing, circuit board processing special cleaning fluid for cleaning are available, and the circuit board processing after the dust cleaning, use hair dryer to circuit board processing and blow dry. 2 watch is there after high temperature electronic components in the circuit, electrolytic capacitors have not summoned the leakage phenomenon, should be replaced. 2, annual maintenance: (1) to clean up the dust on the circuit board processing. 2 to sampling observation of electrolytic capacitor in the circuit board processing capacity, such as found electrolytic capacitor has a capacity of less than 20% of the nominal capacity, should be replaced, generally the life of the electrolytic capacitor is ten years or so, it must be all be replaced, in order to ensure that the performance of circuit board processing. (3) for high power devices with cooling silicon grease, should check the cooling is there dry solid silicon grease, for dry solid dry solid heat dissipation silicon grease should be cleared after coated with new heat dissipation silicon grease, in order to prevent the circuit board processing burn out due to bad heat dissipation of high power device.
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