Circuit board processing and cleaning technology

by:A-TECH      2020-05-24
Circuit board processing are: the name of the circuit board processing ceramic, alumina ceramic circuit board processing, aluminum nitride ceramic circuit board processing, circuit boards, PCB board, aluminum plate, high-frequency boards, thick copper plate, impedance boards, PCB, ultrathin circuit boards, ultrathin circuit board processing, printing, Copper etching technology) Circuit board processing, etc. Circuit board processing circuit mini, intuitive, for fixed batch production and optimization of the circuit with electrical layout plays an important role. Circuit board processing can be called a printed circuit board or printed circuit board processing, English name is ( 印刷电路板) PCB、( 柔性印刷电路板) FPC PCB ( FPC flexible circuit board processing circuit board is also called the flexible circuit board is made of polyimide or polyester film as the backing material with a high reliability, excellent flexible printed circuit board processing. With the high density of wiring, light weight, thin thickness, good bending sexual characteristics. ) Combined with hard and soft board - The birth and development of FPC and PCB, plate led to the soft hard couple, the new product. Therefore, the combination of hard and soft board, it is the flexible circuit board with rigid circuit board, after pressing process, according to the requirements of relevant technology together, forming characteristics of FPC characteristics and PCB circuit boards. Water cleaning technology is the development direction of cleaning technology, must set up pure water and discharge water treatment workshop. It with water as cleaning media, and add surfactant in water, additives, corrosion inhibitors, such as chelating agent to form a series of water based cleaner. Can remove water solvent ( Flux is water soluble) And nonpolar pollutants. The cleaning process is characterized by: good security, not burning, not the explosion, basic non-toxic; Detergent formulation of degrees of freedom is large, the polar and nonpolar pollutants are easy to wash, clean range is extensive; Multiple cleaning mechanism. Water is a very strong polar solvent polarity, in addition to the solution, saponification, emulsifying, replacement, dispersion, such as interaction, using ultrasound is more effective than in the organic solvent;
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