Circuit board processing and assembling electronic design personnel must possess a skill

by:A-TECH      2020-05-27
Circuit after a short circuit, in part or all of the current in the circuit, voltage is reduced, which lost the ability to work part or the whole circuit. According to this principle, the multimeter concatenated in total power supply, can according to the size of the circuit in the circuit can roughly judge the place of the short circuit. In ordinary nine radio receiver circuit boards, for example: 2, if the current more than 500, power filtering capacitor serious leakage, or short circuit power amplifier integrated circuit; Normal static working current probably around 100 ma, 250 ma local short circuit or leakage. Produced in SMT plug-in machining and electronic assembly process we should pay attention to fire safety, due to the welding time may occur some petard, so should be pay attention to this question. Around the production line don't have a flammable items in the surrounding, if if the lighting will immediately suspend the SMT plug-in processing production line operation. On SMT plug-in processing produces more mindful of anti-static, in SMT plug-in processing production line of electrostatic protection must contain charge accumulation, but also adopt some measures effect charge which has already happened. So whether it's in the process of SMT plug-in processing produces or not they have to pay more attention to time out anti-static maintenance operations. Single basic PCB circuit boards in electronic assembly processing, parts on one side, the conductor is focused on the other side. Because wires in only one side, so we call this kind of building is called single-sided PCB and PCB. Single panel is usually simple, low cost, but the downside cannot be applied to complex products. Because single-sided circuit board in the design of lines, there are many restrictions, so only early circuit, using this kind of board. Circuit board processing and assembling electronic design personnel must have a skill. Is in order to avoid high temperature when welding circuit board suction and critical plate, tin, blow hole, solder joint cavity, and problems for the purpose of, have long-term storage of the board should first baking, to remove water may be inhaled. After drying cooling board in 2 - as quickly as possible Within 3 days after welding, to avoid water absorption grow again. The following is the circuit board processing and assembly for preheating.
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