Circuit board for electronic ballast of low power energy saving lamp

by:A-TECH      2020-05-03
▲ Schematic diagram of electronic ballast circuit for energy-saving lamps. As can be seen from the above figure, this kind of electronic ballast circuit board generally has 6 1N4007 rectifier diodes, an inductance coil with a number of mH, and an electrolytic capacitor with a withstand voltage of 400 V, two MJE1300X series high back voltage switch tubes, and several hundreds of K Ω and several Ω resistors, so if this kind of circuit board is good, as long as a small number of components are added, many practical electronic small devices can be made. The following is an introduction to an LED lighting lamp made of this electronic ballast. ▲ LED lighting lamp converted from electronic ballast. Using the bridge rectifier circuit above the electronic ballast (Consists of 4 1N4007 diodes)And 6. 8μf/400 V aluminum electrolytic capacitor (See the picture given by the questioner for details), Add another 0. The 33μf/400 v cbb capacitor can form a simple RC Buck LED lighting lamp. The specific circuit of LED lighting lamp is shown in the above figure. It can be seen from the figure that the components used in the whole circuit are all components on the electronic ballast circuit board except capacitor C1. When making, the two triodes and inductance coils on the circuit board ( The E-type transformer in the figure is actually an inductance coil) When unnecessary components are removed, enough space will be available to install the next 0. 33μf/400 v cbb capacitor. The LED uses low-power white LED lamp beads. It is no problem for this circuit to drive 20 or 30 white LEDs. If you want to drive more lamp beads, c1 can be replaced with 1μf/400 V to drive multi-string LED lamp beads. ▲ 0. The shape of a 33μf/400 v cbb capacitor. If too many strings of LED lamp beads are troublesome to weld, waste LED lamp belts can also be used, so that the lamp belts can be connected to the circuit without welding. How about it? An electronic ballast can form a practical LED driver by adding only one capacitor! By the way, if this kind of electronic ballast is slightly changed, as long as a small number of components are added, practical electronic small devices such as simple switching power supply, booster, light control switch, etc. can also be manufactured. Limited to space, I will not repeat it.
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