Air conditioning how to change the universal board?

by:A-TECH      2020-05-01
I. How to change the universal board of air conditioner 1. After the original circuit board of air conditioner is damaged, if it cannot be repaired and the original motherboard cannot be purchased, it is a common maintenance method to change to universal board. Universal board is suitable for air conditioners of various brands. 2, there is a circuit diagram in the package, you can understand it at a glance! Go to the outer machine to four lines, one press, one fan, one four-way valve and one common line. 6 wires, 2 main windings (you go to the meter to measure their group to 0) and one capacitor ,, there are also three new heads that are the three fire wires controlled by the relay, which are high wind, stroke and low wind. You can observe it yourself. Looking at the computer board is very simple. 3. The universal board is very simple. The main thing to use is that the internal fan motor generally has feedback signals. If you change the universal board, you don't have to worry about it. Find out the starting winding operation and winding height of the original motor. Low wind speed, the general universal version is with high school and low wind speed, but in fact you can't pick it up, you have to connect the two wind speeds on the board to avoid the fan will not work in a certain wind speed. Remember to connect the starting capacitor. The outdoor unit will connect the fan motor with the compressor. The rest is the four-way valve can be inserted! As for the pendulum motor, there are plus or minus 12V to adjust the forward and reverse rotation. 2. Several problems need to be paid attention to when refitting the universal board of the air conditioner 1. Connect the lead wire of the indoor fan. If the lead wire is connected incorrectly, the indoor fan will have failures such as weak operation, non-operation, large operation current, etc, pay attention to whether the wind speed is normal when testing the machine. If the lead wire is connected to the wrong short circuit test machine, only the copper foil of the associated circuit of the universal board will be burnt out and welded with ferrochrome lead wire, which will not damage the circuit board under normal circumstances. 2. The wind speed power supply of the General Board indoor unit is 3 gears, such as indoor. The fan is a 2-speed speed, which can short-circuit the low-wind and stroke output ends of the General Board to the low-wind end lead wire of the fan, and the high-wind output end of the main board is connected to the high-wind end of the fan, ensure that the wind turbine will not stop running when the wind speed changes. 3. The wind speed of the outdoor unit of the General Board is 1 gear. If the outdoor fan is 2 gear speed, the low wind end is not used and insulated, and the high wind gear of the outdoor fan is connected to the outdoor fan control end of the circuit board. 4. If the air conditioner has auxiliary electric heating function, due to the large current during operation, the original machine is generally equipped with an external AC contactor or a high-power relay. Do not remove it when replacing it, connect the output terminal of the ventilation plate auxiliary electric heating control to the AC contactor or the high-power relay coil control terminal, and the General Board indirectly controls the auxiliary electric heating to prevent the General Board from burning out. Similarly, the outdoor unit compressor control is the same. 5. Early air conditioner temperature control adopts voltage comparison circuit. If the ring temperature sensor is damaged, it can be directly short-circuited or open-circuit tested to turn on the air conditioner for emergency use. At present, the air conditioner adopts CPU main board for detection. If the sensor is short-circuited or turned on and off, the CPU will stop the machine for protection after detection. 6, air conditioning universal board and fan connection with the map to determine whether it is a built-in capacitor: The White and the above connected to the power supply, if the motor can turn is the built-in capacitor, otherwise not! The other two are Gear lines. In fact, you can try it slowly, try it until it is right! As long as the power-on time is not long, the motor will not be burned! Note: The Universal board is equipped with capacitance. If the motor is equipped with built-in capacitance, be sure to short-circuit the capacitance on the board!
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