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A-TECH edge thick copper pcb durable for wholesale

A-TECH edge thick copper pcb durable for wholesale

A-TECH edge thick copper pcb durable for wholesale

FR4 + RO4350B
Min Order Quantity
Production Lead Time
10-20 Working Days
Supply Capacity
2000 ㎡/Month
UL, ISO9001, TS16949
Payment Terms
T/T, Paypal, WU etc.
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EXW, FOB, DDU etc.
Test Way
100% E-Test
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Product Details
Aluminum PCB's outstanding quality is shown in the details.
Company Advantages
1. A-TECH thick copper pcb is carefully examined at every level of production.
2. The product is embedded with biometrics identification technology. The unique human characteristics like fingerprints, voice recognition, and even retinal scans are adopted.
3. The product features excellent air permeability. The materials used have enough ventilation and sweat absorption to create a dry shoe environment.
4. This product is more applicable with all these features.
5. A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. combines the traditional channels and Internet channels, making the trade more efficient and enriching.

Hybrid PCB is also known as mixed material lamination, it’s normally combined by two different material like FR4 and PI(rigid flex PCB), FR4 and Ceramic, FR4 and Teflon, FR4 and Aluminum base etc.

The challenge to manufacture the Hybrid PCB is managing the different coefficient of thermal expansion properties of the dissimilar circuit materials both during PCB manufacturing and component assembly.

Hybrid PCB with a combination of FR4 material and PTFE material allows a designer to condense both RF functionality and RF functionality on the same PCB which can reduce both the footprint of the device and the cost.

When producing a printed circuit board with dissimilar materials it’s critically important to have experience in both the physical properties of the laminate and the capabilities of your equipment. Based upon the CTE values of all of the layers of material(ex FR4, PTFE and Copper), each material grows at a different rate during elevated thermal exposure. This can cause significant registration issues as one material shrinks while another one expands and it can also cause delamination of the copper-to substrate interfaces. Therefore, not all materials should be used in hybrid applications as they are not manufacturable regardless of the desired performance.

Hybrid constructions typically involve a low loss material such as Nelco or Rogers combined with another core material like FR4, the details include FR4 and Rogers4350B, FR4 and Rogers 4003C, FR4 and Aluminum base etc.

Company Features
1. Our thick copper pcb wins us many distinguished customers, such as press fit pins pcb .
2. A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. has professional R&D team and management team, and currently has several national patents.
3. We promise quick lead times. Our workflow, from initial design to production management, allows for even quicker fast track lead times when necessary. No one works harder or faster to help you achieve your production goals. Get quote! We work to attain sustainability strategies. We perform annually an Organizational Life Cycle Assessment which evaluates the inputs, outputs and potential environmental impacts of the business activities adopting a life cycle perspective. And we take approaches to make positive changes. We adhere to the highest standard of behavior and ethics. We will conduct our business by treating our customers and suppliers with fairness, honesty, and respect. Our business is devoted to sustainability. In compliance with our waste management hierarchy minimize waste creation and regain any waste that's generated at the greatest potential price.
The production of A-TECH press fit pins pcb adopts standardized production technology. The product is compatible with a broad range of thermoplastics, which makes it produce diversified types of bottles
A-TECH thick copper pcb has a trendy design as the designers would conduct various market surveys to learn the changing industry trends and client demands before designing. Its major parts have been treated with Nitrogen, which makes it highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion
The production of A-TECH press fit pins pcb is completed according to the high production standard in the industry. It is extensively used in industries such as beverages, medicine, food, and chemicals
A-TECH press fit pins pcb is made of the first-rate materials. The product has a reliable foolproof function, offering safe operation
A-TECH press fit pins pcb adopts new environmentally-friendly materials.
The product is weather-resistant. Considering the influence of climatic factors on its stability, high-resistant materials are selected for manufacturing to stand up the challenge of temperatures. With the high-speed servo motors, it guarantees the bottle blowing speed and flexibility
The product will not accumulate too much heat. Its substrate used has improved heat dissipation, which greatly lowers the operating temperature. It comes with full automation and semi-automation types
The product is not easy to build up the heat. Its components are designed to effectively draw the heat out of the light and then transfer it into the air. The electroplating improves the mold corrosion performance of the product
The product generates minimal unwanted heat. It adopts a heat management technique to absorb and disperse the heat. It is designed with different heating coils temperature ranges to fit different melting points of the plastic bottles
Thanks to its advanced temperature cooling system, the product will not produce too much hot which will cause a fire. The product has an automatic alarm, automatic detection, and judgment of fault function
The product is quite efficient. It has a couple of components that help it get started, consuming less energy when getting the system to work. The heating uniformity and the width and height of the reflector can be adjusted to fit the different structure of bottle embryo heating
Building professional quality standard strictly controls the quality of press fit pins pcb. With the high-speed servo motors, it guarantees the bottle blowing speed and flexibility
In order to meet the requirements of clients, A-TECH has been satisfying them with high quality press fit pins pcb. The circulating cooling water in the product protects the bottleneck from deformation when the bottle embryo is heated
A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. has established several service centers for overseas customers. It is extensively used in industries such as beverages, medicine, food, and chemicals
Our strong sales network has helped A-TECH to win more clients around the world. Designed with a microcomputer automatic controller, it is easy to operate
A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. has an extended warranty for quality of press fit pins pcb. It can blow various shapes of large caliber bottles and packaging containers
To ensure the high reliability of press fit pins pcb provided, A-TECH well selects the high-end materials to produce.
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