Why do some PCB boards need to be plugged? -

by:A-TECH      2021-04-03
Why do some PCB boards need to be plugged? Release time: 2017-12-13 0 With the development of electronic products in the direction of 'light, thin, short, and smallWhen components are required to plug holes, there are five main functions: (1) Preventing short circuits caused by tin passing through the component surface through the through holes when the PCB is wave soldered; especially when we put the vias on the BGA pads, we must first Make plug holes and then gold-plated to facilitate the soldering of BGA. (2) Avoid the flux residue in the via holes; (3) After the electronics factory surface mounts and component assembly are completed, the PCB must be vacuumed on the testing machine to form a negative pressure before completion: (4) Prevent surface solder paste from flowing into the holes Virtual soldering affects mounting; (5) Prevent the tin balls from popping up during wave soldering and causing short circuits.
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