Who knows multi-layer PCB circuit board lamination process?

by:A-TECH      2020-05-23
Multilayer printed circuit board is to point to by three or more conductive graphics layers alternating with insulation laminated together made of printed circuit boards. Clamp is to use half a piece of the outer layer of copper foil and, curing and the inner layer and the inner link between as a whole, become the sandwich plate. Using half of curing characteristics, under a certain temperature melting, and become a liquid filling space, form the insulating layer, and then gradually after further heat curing, form stable insulation materials, at the same time connect each line each layer into a whole sandwich plate. PCB processing process will inevitably encounter a few incomplete, is likely to be caused by machine error, it is possible that the human factor, for example, sometimes can appear a state known as hole broken anomalies, causes to the particular case is particular analysis. Every link in the process of PCB circuit board processing we need to strictly control the, sometimes because of chemical reactions in slowly we do not pay attention to the corner, so as to destroy the whole circuit. This hole broken state everybody to be vigilant. After the glue residue processing circuit board processing, will not again see glue residue problem, it is often ignored the monitoring of reduction of acid, it might make the oxidant on hole wall. After the circuit board into chemical copper, after dealing with the whole hole agent will micro etching processing circuit board, then the residual oxidant soaking by acid again and let the resin flake of residual oxidant area, at the same time, it is equal to the entire hole agent. Usually the color of the circuit board processing of PCB are green or brown, this is a resistance welding ( 焊接掩模) The color. Is the protective layer of insulation, can protect copper wire, also prevent short circuit caused when the wave soldering, and saves the dosage of solder. On the resistance welding layer will be printed on a layer of silk screen printing surface ( 丝网) 。 In this often printed on words and symbols ( Most are white) To indicate the location of the various parts on the board. Screen printing surface is also known as icon (surface legend) 。
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