What principles should be followed in the layout of PCB special components?

by:A-TECH      2021-03-12
Due to the design requirements of PCB, it is often necessary to lay out some special components on the board, such as large components, heavy components, heating components, transformers, ICs, etc. Once the layout is not good, the PCB circuit board will have serious quality problems, causing the entire circuit board to be scrapped. So, what principles should the layout of PCB special components comply with? 1. For some components or wires with higher potential difference, the distance between them should be increased to avoid accidental short circuit caused by component discharge. High-voltage components should be placed as far out of reach as possible. 2. The connection between high-frequency components should be shortened as much as possible, and their distribution parameters and mutual electromagnetic interference should be reduced. Components that are susceptible to interference should be kept as far away as possible. 3. Components weighing more than 15G can be fixed with brackets and then welded. For those heavy and hot components, they should not be placed on the board, but should be placed on the bottom plate of the main box, and the heat dissipation problem should be fully considered. For thermal components, keep them away from heating components as much as possible. 4. For the layout of adjustable components such as potentiometers, adjustable inductance coils, variable capacitors, micro switches, etc., the structural requirements of the entire board should be considered; switch components that are frequently used, if the structure allows , Should be placed in a place easily accessible by hands. In short, from the layout to the balance of the components, the density and density should not be top-heavy. The success of a product requires attention to its internal quality. Second, we must take into account the overall beauty, both of which are relatively perfect boards, are successful PCB circuit board products. The above are some of the principles to be followed in the layout of PCB special components, do you understand it?
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