What are the ways of PCB board color?

by:A-TECH      2021-03-13
What is the color of the PCB board, as the name suggests, when you get a PCB board, the most intuitively you can see the oil color on the board, which is what we generally refer to as the color of the PCB board. Common colors include green, blue, red and black, etc. Wait. The editor below shares my knowledge about different colors. Green ink is by far the most widely used, the longest in history, and it is also the cheapest in the current market, so green is used by a large number of manufacturers as the main color of their products. Under normal circumstances, the entire PCB board product has to go through the board making and SMT processes during the production process. When making the board, there are several processes that must go through the yellow light room, because the green color is in the yellow light room. The effect is better than other colors, but this is not the main reason. When soldering components in SMT, the PCB has to go through processes such as solder paste and patch and final AOI calibration. These processes require optical positioning and calibration. The green background color is better for the identification of the instrument. Common PCB colors are red, yellow, green, blue and black. However, due to problems such as the production process, the quality inspection process of many lines still has to rely on the naked eye observation and recognition of the workers (of course, most of the flying probe testing technology is currently used). The eyes are constantly staring at the board under strong light. This is a very hard work process. Relatively speaking, green is the least harmful to the eyes, so most manufacturers currently use green PCBs in the market. The principle of blue and black is that they are doped with elements such as cobalt and carbon respectively, which have certain electrical conductivity, and short circuit problems are likely to occur when energized. Moreover, green PCBs are relatively environmentally friendly and are used in high-temperature environments. At times, toxic gases are generally not released. There are also a small number of manufacturers in the market that use black PCB boards. The main reason PCB believes there are two reasons: 1. It looks high-end; 2. The black board is not easy to see the wiring, so copy the board. It brings a certain degree of difficulty. What pcb understands is that most of the Android embedded boards are black PCBs. Since the middle and late stages of the last century, the industry has begun to pay attention to the color of PCB boards, mainly because many high-end board types of major first-tier manufacturers have adopted green PCB board color design, so people slowly think that PCB color is Green is high-end. In fact, based on various reasons, PCB believes that under normal circumstances, it is better to use green PCB. Here to enter the pricing page https://www./
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