What are the factors affect the quality of the electronic circuit board assembly processing welding

by:A-TECH      2020-05-12
Domestic electronics assembly and processing circuit board welding, basic it is craft welding method, the welding way exactly because the quantity of capital and processing constraints, make circuit board welding of capital greatly add actively, unless processing especially large number of electronic products processing company and have long-lasting customer thinking, otherwise there is no way to operate. The nature of the composition of the solder and solder. Solder is an important part of the welding in the process of chemical treatment, it is composed of containing flux of chemical materials, commonly used low melting eutectic melting metal for Sn - Pb/Sn - Pb- Ag. The impurity content should have certain points than control, to prevent dissolve impurities generated oxide by flux. Is the function of flux by passing heat, remove rust to help solder wetting by welding plate surface of the circuit. Generally USES white rosin and isopropyl alcohol solvent. Electronic assembly processing circuit board welding quality planning is tied with circuit board itself, in all, the scale of the circuit board cannot too big, but don't plan is too small. If said the scale of the circuit board is very big, although in the process of welding provided convenience for the workers, circuit board size is big, welding is easy to control, but there are advantages and disadvantages, welding simple manipulation, but, because of the large scale direct cause printing lines long, impedance also added subsequently, capital follow up, the noise became big; The scale of the circuit board is too small, that when welding must not simple manipulation, manipulation of the owe good, just simple present adjacent lines after the electricity disturb each other attacks. So, in order to deal with the above questions, it is necessary to reasonable planning and printed circuit board. The size of the electrode pressure influence resistance of on one hand, on the other hand affect the weldment cooling to the electrode. The electrode pressure is too small will cause the resistance increase, excessive heat and heat dissipation is poorer, cause the splash, and take away a lot of heat and splash welding metal will increase the difficulty of nucleation, thereby reducing the welding strength; Excessive electrode pressure will cause the resistance decreased, reduce heat and melt nuclear size shrink, especially the weld penetration rate dropped significantly. At present, our company mainly adopts cone sets when spot welding form and sphere form two electrodes, electrode size ( As shown in figure 4) Damage to steel welds after the button has a great impact on the diameter and electrode pressure signal transmission is an important symbol of splash, electrode pressure parameter adjustment is appropriate, has had a huge impact on welding quality. Today, can use the software to carry on the drawing, design and PCB layout engineer more and more, but once the design is completed, and can be a very good improve the efficiency of processing electronics assembly welding, fu chong electronic small make up think is important to pay attention to the above factors. And cultivate good habits of paint, can very good very good in processing factory communication, is to consider every engineer.
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