What are the contents and characteristics of process of electronic assembly processing

by:A-TECH      2020-05-17
Electronic assembly processing is to various electronic components, electrical and mechanical components and structures, according to the design requirements, assembling in the specified position, has certain function of the complete process of electronic products. Electronic assembly processing and assembly of content and level: 1, electronics assembly contents are: 1) The division of unit circuit; 2) The layout of the components. 3) A variety of components, the installation of the parts and structure; 4) The whole machine installed. 2, electronic equipment in the process of assembly, assembly level according to the size of the assembly units, the different size, complexity and features, the assembly of electronic equipment can be divided into different grades. Electronic assembly processing work is composed of a variety of basic techniques. Such as components of screening and lead forming technology, wire processing technology, welding technology, installation techniques, quality inspection technology, etc. Electronic assembly processing and assembling operation quality, in many cases, are difficult to quantitative analysis. Such as the welding quality, usually in visual judgment, dials and knobs to feel is identification of assembly quality and so on. Therefore, to master the correct installation operation method is very necessary, do not follow one's inclinations of operation habit. To assembly work of the staff must be trained and select, after qualifying to show certificates, otherwise, due to the lack of knowledge and technical level is not high, is likely to produce defective products, and once in the lemon, one hundred percent could not be detected, the quality of the product, there is no guarantee. Excessive examination is a common problem. In many cases, just because of the IPC - too much inspection A- Caused by the dislocation understand 610 technology standard. For assembly installed components, for example, many inspectors also want plate on both sides of the perfect welding circle feet, hole is completely filled. However, this is not the IPC - A- The demand of 610. Check the quality as the inspector of the degree of tension and concentrating. For example, fear, The pressure of management) May improve the concentration degree of production site and a period of time may improve quality. However, if a large number of inspection is the main inspection method, so may also produce defective products, and may be out of the factory.
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