What are the common problems encountered in PCB power supply design?

by:A-TECH      2021-03-12
With the rapid development of electronic components today, the power supply design of PCB products is facing greater challenges, including power conversion efficiency, thermal analysis, power plane integrity, and EMI (electromagnetic interference). So, what are the common problems encountered in PCB power supply design? 1. Power conversion efficiency. Conversion efficiency refers to the ratio of the output power of the power supply to the actual input power consumed. In practical applications, the electric energy cannot be completely converted, and there will be a certain amount of energy consumption in the middle. Therefore, no matter what kind of circuit, there must be an efficiency problem in the power conversion. . 2. The problem of heat dissipation. Energy loss will inevitably generate heat; in addition, as the load becomes heavier, the power consumption of the power chip increases, so heat distribution is a problem that needs attention in PCB power supply design. 3. Design of power plane integrity. Maintaining the integrity of the power supply means maintaining a stable power supply. In actual systems, there are always noises of different frequencies, so a low-impedance power supply plane design is necessary. 4. The problem of electromagnetic interference. The switching power supply will produce switching noise during the continuous on and off process. If the loop inductance is not considered in the design, an excessive return path will cause electromagnetic interference. Experience has shown that in the design process, if possible risks can be predicted and avoided in advance, the success rate of power supply PCB design will be greatly improved.
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