Use what patch plug-in

by:A-TECH      2020-05-25
Modern digital chip operating voltage is lower than 1 v, this means that even if the millivolt level of noise can also cause problems related to data. More than SMT plug-in processing chip will increase statistically and cause the loss of power or overvoltage problem. Your system may run for weeks or even months to normal, and a time to all digital circuit switch is the cause of system to restart at the same time. These power integrity problems are difficult to detect. System of single chip power integrity problems may affect the other chips in the system, leading to restart. National semiconductor simulation application engineer Paul said Mr Ackermann had 'even nanosecond power loss will also make the system is not reliable. Signal integrity 'Ansys company product manager Steve Patel said, the reliability of the design is the key to minimize the power supply noise, means that the design of digital system engineers must understand analog RF even concept. SMT plug-in processing wiring is the important process in the PCB design. This will directly affect the performance of the PCB is good or bad. In the process of PCB design, general layout so the division of three kinds of state: the first is cloth, the PCB design of the basic requirements. If the line is not cloth, the place is the fly line, it will be a piece of unqualified boards, can say haven't started. The second is the electrical performance to meet. This is a piece of printed circuit board measure whether qualified standard. This is after the completion, adjust the wiring seriously, make its can achieve better electrical performance, followed by the beautiful. The wire cloth, if you have, also do not have what influence electrical performance, but a see past the chaotic, with colorful, colourful, that even if your electrical performance good, in others' eyes or a piece of garbage. This brings great inconvenience to testing and maintenance. Blow holes or deaeration, electrical connectivity problem in the process of assembly, Inner layer separation, hole wall fracture) , or when used in practice in the possible failure load conditions. IPCClass2 ( Most of the standards adopted by the factory) The prescribed 20% less copper plating. Wiring to uniform, can't freely crisscross a hash. These are the guarantee of electrical performance and meet the requirements of other individual cases, or context.
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