UL terminology explanation

by:A-TECH      2021-03-30
UL's special term explanation'AL' LISTING, CLASSIFICATION OR RECOGNITION (multiple listing or accreditation) is an application and authorization by the applicant to establish a listing or accreditation service in the name of another party different from the applicant (listed celebrity) AGENT( Agency) Entrusted by the applicant, individuals or companies engaged in activities with UL in the name of the applicant APPEALS PROCEDURE (appeal procedure) If the customer has different opinions on the results of the engineering test or follow-up inspection, they can contact the relevant engineer Or on-site representatives to discuss without worrying about jeopardizing future conclusions. If a satisfactory answer cannot be obtained at this level, the customer can appeal to a higher level, up to the president.   Part of the APPENDIX (attached page) rules, which include the responsibilities of the factory and field representatives and the requirements for related tests. It may also describe the tests performed on samples sent to UL.  APPLICANT (applicant) applies to UL for companies or individuals whose components, products or systems are tested. Legally, this party will be responsible for the cost of testing and tracking services, and has the right to all information related to the results of the test. See also agent. AUTHORIZATION PAGE (authorization page) is archived on the first page of the follow-up service factory inspection rules to authorize the corresponding follow-up inspection service (type L or R) and the allowed certification mark CATEGORY CONTROL NUMBER (CCN) (category control number) UL Character representation of different product categories in listing, recognition, and classification services. For example, AVLV2 means electronic wire; QOWZ means portable lamp. Generally, XXXX is a listed product, XXXX2 is an approved product, XXXX7 is a listed product that meets Canadian standards, and XXXX8 is an approved product that meets Canadian standards.   A certain part of a COMPONENT product, in addition to participating in the test of the entire product as a part of the complete product, also needs to test its performance and/or structure separately. Parts can be listed, approved or non-listed parts.  CONDITION OF ACCEPTABILITY (applicable conditions) These items are listed in the report of approved or non-listed parts, but they are not used as the basis for inspection by on-site representatives. These items are based on the test results and indicate the restrictions and conditions when the part is used in a complete product. For example, in the report of a certain switch, it may be specified in the 'applicable conditions' that the product is only suitable for currents below 1A or temperatures below 125C.   CONTROL NUMBER (control number) one of the four possible components of the UL approval mark, designated by UL. According to different product categories and different types of tracking services, the control number may be changed periodically.   FACTORY IDENTIFICATION (factory identification) is used by a certain identification mark used by manufacturers who produce the same product in different factories to distinguish a certain product in which factory.  FACTORY INSPECTION (factory inspection)
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