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Top mcpcb flexible custom made at discount

Top mcpcb flexible custom made at discount
  • Top mcpcb flexible custom made at discount

Top mcpcb flexible custom made at discount

A-TECH mcpcb is manufactured in adherence to the predefined industry standards. It can be customized into a horizontal or vertical style
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HDI PCB, the full name is High Density Interconnect PCB, it requires much higher wiring density with finer trace and spacing, smaller vias and higher connection pad density. Blind and buried vias’ design is one of their marked feature. HDI PCB are widely used for Cell phone, tablet computer, digital camera, GPS, LCD module and other different area.

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The benefits of HDI PCB


● Reduce the cost
● Better reliability
● Increase the wiring density
● Increase design efficiency
● Can improve the thermal properties
● In favor of the use of advanced packaging technology
● Has better electrical performance and signal correctness
● Can improve the radio frequency interference, electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge

A-TECH CIRCUITS provides HDI PCB manufacturing services to worldwide customers in the high end automotive industry, medical electronic device industry, mobile, computing and defense industry.

Currently the advanced HDI technology we used include: "Direct Laser Drill"(DLD) is drilling of copper layer by direct CO2 laser irradiation, compare to additional laser drilling with conformal mask, the copper direct laser drilling is capable of providing higher accuracy, better hole quality and better efficiency for HDI projects. "Copper Filled" for special stack microvia, "Laser Direct Imaging"(LDI) is specifically designed for fine line technology, to eliminate dimensional stability problem of artwork caused by environmental and material issues.

General Specification for HDI PCB in A-TECH
Layer Count4-20Layers
Type of stack up1+N+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3
Material AvailableFR4, High Tg FR4, Halogen Free FR4
Board thickness0.4-3.2mm
Finished copper thickness1-6oz
Finished copper thickness1/3oz – 2oz
Min trace width/spacing3/3mil
Min through hole0.2mm
Min blind via0.1mm
Types of blind viaStack microvia, Stagger microvia
Surface treatmentImmersion Gold, Selective ENIG + OSP(BGA area)

It is a great addition for mcpcb to design mcpcb. Its high-speed motor guarantees its high productivity
A-TECH mcpcb follows the measures and procedures of production. This product is safe enough to operate since it has no sharp edges
A-TECH mcpcb grows more varied with time and technology. The components of this product can be disassembled with little effort
In the design of A-TECH mcpcb, we pay close attention to its aesthetics. This product is compatible with materials at different heights and widths
A-TECH mcpcb stands out with sophisticated production process and reasonable design. The dust will be not easy to accumulate on this product
This product has the desired durability. It has a strong fabric construction and stitching strength, which makes it be able to stand up to a certain pull for a long time. This product has been certified under CE for safe operation
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