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prototype double-sided PCB flex at discount

prototype double-sided PCB flex at discount

Prototype double-sided PCB flex at discount

Taconic RF35
Min Order Quantity
Production Lead Time
4-15 Working Days
Supply Capacity
2000 ㎡/Month
UL, ISO9001, TS16949
Payment Terms
T/T, Paypal, WU etc.
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EXW, FOB, DDU etc.
Test Way
100% E-Test
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Microwave RF PCB, it’s also known as high frequent PCB, they use materials of excellent dielectric property for its main body with other dielectric materials and metal substrates matched to complete corresponding multi-layer processing or thick-film processing and manufacture and to achieve the transmission functions of excellent high thermal conductivity, low dielectric constant, high frequency and high speed.

The features of Microwave RF PCB

● The thermal expansivity should be the same with copper foil as much as possible, because the difference will lead toe copper foil separated in the changes of cold and heat.
● Heat resisting property, chemistry resisting, impact endurance, peel off resisting must be good.
● Water absorptivity must be low, high water absorptivity will affect DK and DF when in the wet environment
● DK should be small and stable enough, usually the smaller the better, high DK may lead to signal transmission delay
● DF should be small, which mainly affect quality of signal transmission, the smaller DF could make smaller signal wastage accordingly

The applications of Microwave RF PCB

● Microwave transmission
● Automobile telephone
● Wireless networks
● Wireless communications
● Satellite microwave communications
● 4G & 5G networks

A-TECH CIRCUITS have increased investment and intensity of research & development on Microwave high frequency PCB over the last few years to meet the continuously increasing demands. We have obtained rich knowledge and experience in professional manufacturing of various high-frequency PCBs from prototypes to production run. For main RF PCBs, such as Teflon PCB, Rogers PCB, Taconic PCB and Arlon PCB, we have sufficient inventory to ensure fast delivery.

General specification for Microwave/RF PCB in A-TECH
Layer Count1-6
Board thickness0.4-3.2mm
Copper thickness0.5-3oz
Dielectric Constant(DK)2.2-10.3
Min trace width/spacing4/4mil
Min drill hole size0.2mm
Surface treatmentHAL(Lead free), Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver, OSP, Gold Plating.
Material availableTeflon, Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, etc

The touch screen of A-TECH double-sided PCB adopts resistive touch screen technology which relies on the pressure of fingers, pens or anything. The finite wave design makes the heat dissipation effect even better
A-TECH aluminium pcb undergoes a strict quality control process including checking fabrics for flaws and defects, ensuring that colors are correct, and examining the strength of the final product. This product is extruded from highly conductive aluminum
A-TECH double-sided PCB has undergone a series of tests such as tensile strength tests, tear tests, H-Drawing tests, compression tests including set up of its stop force. This product comes with water and dirt protection
All A-TECH double-sided PCB are manufactured in our own China factory where qualified experts emphasize the accurate size and the quality of the wood. It shows excellent weatherability, anti-contamination, and self-cleaning property
A-TECH aluminium pcb is finely developed with a high accuracy LCD screen technology. The researchers try to make this product achieve saturated color using low power consumption. Its material helps minimize thermal resistance from the base to the fins
The product is highly efficient in energy saving. Driven 100% by solar energy, it does not need any electricity supplied by the power grid. It has a light weight and is used in applications where weight is a big concern
The product is intelligent. The automatic control system, which can monitor and control all of the working parameters of the device, offers protection to the product itself. It matches more than 90% of the commercial lighting design requirements
The product is clean, green and economic sustainable. It uses perennial sun resources freely to offer power supply for itself. Its material helps minimize thermal resistance from the base to the fins
The product can support both the off-grid and on-grid system. It collects and stores the sunlight during the day, and makes the power available. It is notable for its fine quality and exquisite workmanship
The product has a strong resistance to corrosion. Non-corrosive materials are used to enhance its capacity to withstand rust and alkalinity or acidity liquid. It is a cooling solution that will ensure performance, efficiency, and reliability of LED light
The product is stable in powering. It can absorb the energy-intensive sunlight, ambient light, and some artificial light before converting the energy into electricity. This product is proven to be environmentally protective
Quality for aluminium pcb is what we can guarantee for customers. It can absorb and disperse excess heat away from the LED diode
A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. has a very stable and huge sales network. It matches more than 90% of the commercial lighting design requirements
A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd.'s perfect quality control system ensures that customers' needs are fully met. It comes with a variety of potential mounting options
A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. has complete sample and reasonable prices for double-sided PCB. Its material is smooth-surfaced and has a thermal interface
A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. keeps continually researching and developing better aluminium pcb with higher performance. Its material helps minimize thermal resistance from the base to the fins
A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. works hard to make the quality and performance of aluminium pcb products more in line with the needs of customers. It has a light weight and is used in applications where weight is a big concern
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