Master the basic framework in PCB reverse technology research, and learn from similar schematic diagrams

by:A-TECH      2021-03-26
In the research of PCB circuit board reverse technology, engineers need to master the frame composition and principle drawing method of some basic electronic circuits. Can form the overall frame of the electronic circuit.   On the other hand, don’t ignore that the same type of electronic products have a certain similarity in their schematic diagrams. Engineers can draw on similar circuit diagrams to reverse the schematic diagrams of new products based on the accumulation of experience. After the schematic drawing is completed, the reverse design of the PCB schematic can be said to be completed after testing and verification. The nominal value of the components sensitive to the PCB distribution parameters needs to be checked and optimized. According to the PCB file diagram, the schematic diagram is compared and analyzed to ensure that the schematic diagram is completely consistent with the file diagram.
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