Knowledge points: What are the main plating methods for PCB circuit boards?

by:A-TECH      2021-03-19
Electroplating is a very important process in the circuit board manufacturing process. If it is not handled well, it will directly affect the quality and performance of the circuit board. So, what are the main plating methods for PCB circuit boards? 1. Finger-row electroplating Finger-row electroplating, also known as protruding part electroplating; refers to plating rare metals on board edge connectors, board edge protruding contacts or gold fingers to provide lower contact resistance and higher wear resistance Sex. 2. Through hole plating Through hole plating is a necessary follow-up process of the drilling process. When the drill bit drills through the copper foil and the substrate underneath, the heat generated melts the insulating synthetic resin that constitutes most of the substrate matrix. The molten resin and other drilling debris accumulate around the hole, and the copper foil is newly exposed. On the wall of the hole, in fact, this is harmful to the subsequent electroplating surface. The solution is to use a specially designed low-viscosity ink to form a high-adhesion and high-conductivity film on the inner wall of each through hole, which can be directly electroplated without further processing. This ink is a resin-based substance that has strong adhesion and can be easily adhered to the walls of most thermally polished holes, thus eliminating the step of etchback. 3. The reel linkage type selects the pins and pins of the electronic components, such as connectors, integrated circuits, transistors and flexible printed circuits, etc., all use selective plating to obtain good contact resistance and corrosion resistance. This electroplating method can be manual or automatic. It is very expensive to individually select and plate each pin, so batch welding must be used. 4. Brush plating Brush plating is an electrodeposition technique, and not all parts are immersed in the electrolyte during the electroplating process. In this electroplating technology, only a limited area is electroplated, and there is no effect on the rest. Brush plating is used more when repairing discarded circuit boards in electronic assembly workshops. The above are the 4 electroplating methods of PCB circuit boards explained by the engineer for you. I hope it will be helpful to you.
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