Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of simple PCB electroplating

by:A-TECH      2021-03-19
PCB electroplating method electroplating method electroplating method is a method and process for printed circuit boards. The specific operation method is to continuously deposit nickel and cobalt bonding metals on the steel body of the drill bit in the electroplating bath to form a matrix layer, and at the same time, spread the diamond powder on the plating surface of the drill bit by layer to deposit the metal. The matrix evenly bury the diamonds in it to form a working layer. The electroplating method uses the electroplating principle to make the diamond drill bit shaped by the drill bit because of the low operating temperature. The temperature of the electroplating method drill bit diagram of the plating bath is generally lower than 150 ℃, so the quality of diamond will not be damaged. In addition, the processing equipment is simple and the cost of the drill bit is low. We are all aware of the advantages and disadvantages of PCB electroplating. The most commonly used copper foil on the substrate is ED copper. It uses various waste wires and cables to melt into copper sulfate plating solution. In a large plating tank deep in the ground, the cathode and anode The distance is very short, and the plating solution is impulsive at a very high speed. With a high current density of 600 ASF, the columnar crystal copper layer is plated on a very smooth and passivated stainless steel barrel-shaped rotating carcass wheel. Drum, because the adhesion of the passivated stainless steel carcass to the copper layer is not good, the plating surface can be torn off from the rotating wheel. The continuous copper layer plated in this way can be determined by the speed of the rotating wheel. The copper foil of different thickness due to the current density, the smooth surface of the copper foil attached to the carcass is called the Drum side, and the rough crystalline surface corresponding to the plating solution is called the Matte side. .It has some advantages and disadvantages of its own, which will be introduced next. The advantages of the PCB electroplating method are cheap. There are various sizes and thicknesses. The disadvantages of the PCB electroplating method are poor ductility, extremely high stress, unable to bend, and easy to break.
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