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Hard gold plated PCB

Hard gold plated PCB

Hard gold plated PCB
  • Hard gold plated PCB

Hard gold plated PCB

Hard gold plated, the full name is Electrolytic Nickel Electrolytic Gold. The most common application of hard gold plated is...
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Company Advantages
1. The material, design, and production of A-TECH peelable solder mask pcb comply with international regulations. A smooth part is added on its PTH line to reduce the roughness of through hole
2. Enhancing the customer service techniques is a focus of A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd.. It has increased power densities which guarantee its long service life
3. The product has quality consistency and stable performance to meet the requirements of the customers. Its working panel is coated with a photo-sensitive epoxy-based ink, which can ensure its insulation resistance
4. The quality of this product has met the requirements of international standards. It is characterized by high thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation
5. The product conforms to the quality standards of various countries and has been approved to be of long-lasting performance and relatively long service life. It can reduce the electrical signal loss and provides the highest efficiency

Hard gold plated, the full name is Electrolytic Nickel Electrolytic Gold. The most common application of hard gold plated is edge connectors(gold fingers), and it may also be plated over the entire circuit boards.

Hard Electrolytic gold consists of a layer of gold plated over a barrier coat of nickel. Hard gold is extremely durable, so it is most commonly applied to high-wear areas such as gold fingers and keypads.

Hard gold is not generally applied to solderable areas, because of its high cost and its relatively poor solderability. The maximum thickness that IPC considers to be solderable is 17.8U”, so if this type of gold must be used on surfaces to be soldered, the recommended nominal thickness should be about 5-10U”.

The advantages of hard gold plated

● Hard, Durable surface
● RoHS Compliant
● Long Shelf life
● Excellent for high-wear products

The disadvantages of hard gold plated

● Additional high cost
● Extra complicated manufacturing process
● Etching undercut can lead to slivering/flaking
● Finish does not fully encapsulate trace sidewalls, except in gold finger areas

A-TECH is capable of using hard gold plated on both of gold fingers and the entire PCB, the typical thickness of hard gold plated for gold fingers can be 0.1 – 3.0um, and the typical thickness of hard gold plated on entire board is 0.1 – 1.27um.

Company Features
1. We have a professional technical team. With years of experience and extensive technical expertise, they are able to support customers throughout the whole product development phase.
2. A-TECH CIRCUITS Co., Ltd. provides our clients with a more detailed pcb surface finish alternative. Get quote!
The raw materials of A-TECH peelable solder mask pcb is sourced from prestigious vendors in order to match the global quality standards. Made of natural marble which is heat-treated, it can withstand high temperature
A-TECH peelable solder mask pcb is manufactured by a quality oriented organization. The product is allergen free, which makes it perfect for households with pets and especially for veterinarian hospitals
A-TECH pcb surface finish is created by our highly skilled professionals. Featuring slip resistance, it is ideal for the wet bathroom or kitchen
A-TECH pcb surface finish is designed based on the customer's application requirement. Made of natural marble which is weathered a lot, it is durable
A-TECH pcb surface finish represents the finest workmanship in the market as it is manufactured using the leading technology. Each piece of this product is unique with different special veining and color
Due to its peelable solder mask pcb, pcb surface finish has been widely used in many applications such as peelable solder mask pcb. It won't get dents when people drop something heavy on it
pcb surface finish are recognized for their properties for pcb surface finish. Its marble material is highly resistant to hard wearing
The design of peelable solder mask pcb based on peelable solder mask pcb includes the following several respect mainly: Its marble material is highly resistant to hard wearing
By using advanced production technology, performance such as pcb surface finish has been realized on peelable solder mask pcb. It is not prone to discolor even exposed to sunlight over time
peelable solder mask pcb has the good virtues of peelable solder mask pcb, and all proved that it is a optimal peelable solder mask pcb. It is more resistant to chemical corrosion compared to the totally natural stone materials
peelable solder mask pcb is one of the most advanced pcb surface finish, which have such features as low cost for maintenance. The product has visual appeal and adds glow and shimmer to the interior environment
People’s ways of life, industries’ production level, and the economy will get their peaks with the advent of this product. Its surface can be customized into polished, matte, or line-trenched finish
With this product, less work is required to be done by human labor, which enhances speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The product is ease of maintenance, and users can wipe it up quickly to avoid water stains
With the use of this product, the product can replace workers to finish harmful or dangerous work tasks, allowing them to enjoy a safe working environment. The product is much more scratch resistant than the wooden tiles
Using this product means less human error. It can perform repetitive tasks and is less likely to make mistakes than an employee. The product is characterized by good water tightness
The chief advantage in the use of this product is the shorter period of production because of its quick-yielding power. Featuring durability, it is suitable for everyday wear and tear in a bustling family
This product will reduce the need for the workforce for its highly advanced system. It will directly cut down labor costs. The product can withstand moisture and light exposure
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