Graphic point electroplating process

by:A-TECH      2021-03-26
The process flow of graphic dot electroplating is very simple, but it is simple and simple. Everyone must be careful when doing it. The following is the flow of the entire process. Foil-clad board → blanking → punching benchmark holes → CNC drilling → inspection → deburring → electroless thin copper plating → thin copper electroplating → inspection → brushing → filming (or screen printing) → exposure and development (or curing) → inspection Repair board → pattern plating → film removal → etching → inspection and repair board → plug nickel plating and gold plating → hot melt cleaning → electrical continuity detection → cleaning treatment → screen printing solder mask graphics → curing → screen printing marking symbols → curing → shape processing → Washing and drying → inspection → packaging → finished product.   can be a bit simpler and can be represented by the following figure:
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