Easily learn the installation and cracking of ORCAD16.3

by:A-TECH      2021-03-18
Although there are many versions of Cadence OrCAD Capture, the 16.3 version is still the first choice of many people, because it not only has more powerful functions, but also conforms to the user's habits. The following are the detailed steps for the installation and cracking of orcad 16.3. Many friends in the online tutorial reported that after the installation restarted, the crack was unsuccessful. After I successfully installed WIN7 and WINXP, there is a little difference in detail from other online tutorials. It is this difference that causes the crack to fail. In fact, the cracking method of ORCAD 16.3 is similar to that of 16.2, and the cracking precautions are similar to that of 16.2. ORCAD16.2 installation and cracking method for your reference. 1. The current version of ORCAD 16.3 I am using is this version, and SHOOTERS has always been famous for cracking! 2. It is recommended to use WINMOUNT to build a virtual CD-ROM drive and mount ISO files. The following figure shows the contents of the ISO file after mounting: 3. Double-click the setup.exe in the figure above to start the installation program, and the following interface will pop up. First install the License Manager: 4. When installing the License Manager, you will encounter the following interface, select Cancel: 5. Then the following interface will pop up, select Yes: 6. Click Finish to complete the installation of the License Manager: 7. Copy the following two files to the LicenseManager installation directory: 8. When replacing, select Replace all: 9 Open the orcad_163.lic just copied to the LicenseManager directory with a document editor, and modify the 'this_host' in the first line to your own computer name: 10. Check the computer name, as shown in the figure below, my computer name is liangteng Rather than liangteng. That is to say, the period at the end is not included! 11. Go back to the ORCAD installation interface, click Product Installation, and start to install various ORCAD products: 12. Install to this interface, without inputting anything, just click Next: 13. The cracked file contains all product licenses, so you can all When choosing products, you can also select products according to your needs. After the above steps, step by step, if you fail, do it again, I believe you will always succeed.
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